Friday, August 08, 2008

Invasion of the Brother from Another Planet
(stock photo)
We had a semi-unexpected visit from my brother Cary yesterday, on his new (used) Harley which he picked up in NJ or Philadelphia (details lost in tall tales) and drove here on his way back to IL. Got that?
So we are adjusting our plans accordingly. No painting until the dust settles.
I am cooking! He is eating.


  1. I'm still laughing about Cary's adventure. Hope you all have a happy reunion!

  2. Oh, Mel,read his blog, ROTFL out loud !!! He's very funny, I think it runs in the family? Also, cute. Glad he's somewhere safe for a bit. Feeding family is more important, sometimes.

  3. Oh what a hoot. He sounds crazy in all the good ways. Take good care of him while you've got him.

  4. You 3 that I have seen pictures of all look so much alike. does you older sister look like you too?

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Just read Cary's writings....too funny...he is completely out of his comfort zone, isn't he? Good for him...there is a saying here :"If it doesn't kill you, it'll make you strong." He will be stronger for this experience, I am sure.
    Imagine being gifted a Harley just so!
    Tell him to enjoy the ride. Safe trip home too.

  6. I would also like to know if your older sister looks like you too???

  7. Rhonda2:21 PM

    I read Cary's details and I've not read a funnier piece in a long time. Best travels to him.

  8. I just had to say... I read Cary's blog and when I got to the part about Saturday Night Fever I laughed so hard I snorted!! Thank God I didn't have a mouthful of anything!!

    I'm not sure he's out of his comfort zone...I think he may be finding it!! Go Cary!! I wanna hear all the details. If you decide to head my's only another 1100 miles or so..and we've got a chef in the family!

    Carol - in vicariously and flipping through the cookbooks

  9. He looks like Steve W.


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