Monday, August 25, 2008

Cream or Lemon?

Cream or Lemon?

oil on gallery wrapped canvas


I had a request for a repeated subject, the blue teapot, rearranged of course and here is the result. The idea was that the teapot was cobalt or dark blue, to coordinate with a cobalt and yellow color scheme. But as you can see it isn't really all that cobalt-y, more of a lighter blue.

And the little pitcher is kinda on the purple side. True cobalt is dark, really dark like the cup and saucer. I am waiting to hear from the suggestor, to see what she thinks.

If this isn't her cup of tea, then I will post it on Ebay.

I never thought I would enjoy painting a suggested topic, but you know, it's kinda fun.

Update: She likes it! Sold


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Mel, the only thing that could be in that pitcher would be honey right?!?
    It wouldn't by any chance be milk with lemons on the side now, would it? LOL.....

    Aaah, just having a bit of fun.
    Awesome picture as usual.

  2. I've admired your art quilts for a couple of years now - having first noticed a link to your website because my then-newborn daughter's name is also Melody! ... but I had no idea until stopping by the blog today that you are also a fabulous still life painter! I love your strong colours.

  3. I love it too! Maybe she bought it for me. You think?

  4. Fernande12:28 PM

    Hi Melody,
    Greetings from St Moritz!
    We miss you here!

    Fernande and Michou


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