Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Painting Studio/Loft

Some days I just have to rearrange furniture. I got a new photo printer and wanted to make it accessible which is what made me bring up this corner bookcase. I have a stereo that plugs into my laptop so I can listen to podcasts so that has to be near too. The corner bookcase now holds all my painting stuff, whittled down to the stuff I really use daily, and the still life objects I have collected. To the left is a table which holds my fruit and a menagerie of fruit flies which gather daily. Grrr.

Seems I have a lot of red, blue, and white eh?

I am moving my easel and table around alot, but mostly I like the corner here near the open window, for a breeze. The phone is handy for all those unwanted recorded sales calls.

My sister was worried that I might be getting paint on the floor. This is the floor. Big GRRR. I hate this floor and soon I will be having someone (???) come in and give me a real floor, washable and without these gaps and splinters. What were they thinking when they made this mess?

Just so you know I am committed to painting, here are my canvases ready to use. I have a second group of larger ones in the garage, which are too big to mail while still on the stretchers. I have learned that there are galleries or frameries that will restretch a canvas for you. I could paint a large work and take it off, roll it up and send it. Someday I may do that.

I love having a space like this, especially now that I have the new lighting. What a difference it makes in my mood. Lighting is sooo important.


  1. It is so important to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Great organization.

  2. Mel,

    If you don't want to receive those annoying sales calls, here is the Do Not Call site:

    For more info, see:

    You can register online. I have registered and it has cut down considerably on the unwanted phone calls.

    Kristin in SC

  3. how lovely to have a space to yourself like that. No wonder you are so prolific. Love the Asian pears

  4. MRs. Mel-
    About the fruit flies- if you put a small amount of red wine in an empty wine bottle, and put a funnel in the top, and then set it by your fruit, the wine in the bottle will attract the flies, and they will go in, get drunk, and not be able to get back out. It really works.

  5. just looking at all those new canvases starts me wanting to paint too!! I am so enjoying watching you paint with such joy! I know how important good light is and I think that is one of the reasons I love to do my stitching outside in the sunlight. (Bird songs cant hurt either!). and with winter coming I just might invest in one or two of those sunlight bulbs.

  6. I live in a log cabin and baptized my wooden studio floor the first year we were in our home. Now as I relay from painting to quilting and beading my works I have filled the little gaps in the floors with a multitude of dazzling beads and find myself delighted in the evolution of my sacred space. Your work is getting more amazing with every day!!!! Thank you for your sharing generosity! Imagine Peace! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Ha! I was signing on to give you a suggestion on the fruit flies and saw you already got one. :o) A slightly different twist: put some apple cider vinegar in a small jar, poke holes in the lid and put the lid on. I have this in my kitchen hiding behind my fruit bowl and it has definitely worked!



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