Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blueberry Sprig

Blueberry Sprig
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
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I took a walk out to the orchard this morning in which we are growing a fine crop of weeds, due to the wonderful rains we've been having. I was able to find a few remaining blueberries that I hadn't picked at my last harvest. This one ripe berry almost went directly to my mouth, but survived because I thought it would make a great painting subject.
Around here almost anything that holds still could become my next painting.

I mentioned a new photo printer that I recently bought and this is my first subject to use as a photo to paint. I know I have said that I was leery of painting from photos, but other hyper-realist painters are doing it unashamedly, so what's my problem?

To tell you the truth, it made it a lot easier for my mature eyesight to see what I was painting and that made it less of a strain on my neck and shoulders at the end of the day.

Adding to that I got out my teeniest brushes too, since now I can see the details that needed to be added. All the stuff I had been thinking of not doing are now happening. Who knew?


  1. Liz in IN8:12 AM

    Wow. This is SO beautiful. And small (with perfect--not fussy--detail). Tiny brushes indeed!

    Your style is...becoming its own self. Isn't that exciting?

    Also, isn't it interesting the artificial restrictions and conditions we humans impose on our creativity? From here, it looks like the painting-from-photo issue has been resolved. :)

  2. I paint from photos sometimes; I love the "from reality" effect but it's just not always feasible, and sometimes I find photos I love so much... I really love all your work, regardless of source. And what a good problem to have: too many talents and not enough time! quilting? painting? I'm sure there are loads more things, but just those two, done to such perfection, are already more than most people have in a lifetime. Keep creating, whatever the medium! I'll keep admiring.

  3. Awesome! I am loving your paintings. What a talented lady you are.

  4. Love, love, love it, and you too!

  5. Such a simple subject with such superb results! Love it!

  6. The red leaves are beautiful!

  7. Who knew,indeed. This is awesome.

  8. I learnt to use and love soft pastels by sketching small daily still life subjects, and to this day I have a horror of "working from photos", making it a struggle to paint now that my only free time comes after daylight hours. I'm trying to get past it, because there are many ways & means to create art, and I know that not ALL inspiration needs to come from what is directly observed. But we set these rules for ourselves.

    I can't tell you how strange it was to discover you had "suddenly become" a daily painter, when I am partially working my way in the opposite direction (having just acquired a sewing machine for the first time). I am stunned, yet without being surprised. And I'm so excited for you!


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