Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pear Solo'

Pear Solo
oil on gallery wrapped canvas


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Back lighting is my new big trick. However it means that all the lights must be out with the exception of the one lighting the subject and the one over my canvas. When I turned off the spotlight and my easel light and turned on the room light the painting changed character completely and became very Rembrandt like, in that it was dark and mysterious. How can a pear be mysterious? Good question, but it is. Chiaroscuro.
Because of the dark top part of the painting I had trouble getting the camera to register the correct colors and contrast without glare.
Just when I gave up trying to get a decent picture of this painting for the blog, I took a shot of it perched on the drying ledge in my studio and voila! Now you can see that the dark part of the painting without reflections. Sigh.
By the way, my website wowmelody.com was down for a few days and is now restored. Thanks for letting me know.


  1. Rembrandt came to my mind right away! Love it!

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    You are improving and "stretching" yourself and the results are fabulous!!! I get an email painting every day from Carol Marine but I must say...I like your work so much better. :) She is very talented (and charges a fortune for her work!!!) but I feel I need to have my eyes checked when I look at her paintings. I realize I don't care for the "blurred" fruits and veggies. I like yours because they are crisp and clean, as all fruits and veggies should be! Keep up the great work.

    Colleen in PA


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