Monday, August 04, 2008

Three Pears

Three Pears Sold
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 12x12x1"

There are those who say that lime green is their neutral. When I found these pears in the produce department I thought about making a pear green painting. I found the fabric that matched their green-ness and when I began to look closely the edges of the pears disappeared into the background. Good thing there was blushing pink side or it would be difficult to see them at all. All computers see these colors differently but for the record, this is a vibrant yellow green background.

Here's a shot showing the painting's edges. Ready to hang...once it's dry of course.


  1. There are no photos!! I was interested to see these since I just did a fabric 3 pears - actually Gilded Pears as I added gold foil trying for a chiaroscuro effect!!

  2. I just checked them on e-bay and we have the same layout!!

  3. Looks like a pair and a half to me. Har har har.


  4. So glad I cam back. I popped in early this morning pictures. You get better every day...and you paint well too!


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