Monday, July 07, 2008

Tea and Nectarines

Tea and Nectarines
oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 12x12x1"

I tried to post this picture (and others) yesterday and found out that I have exceeded my free storage space on the blog and in my Picasa online albums. Who knew?

I have deleted gobs of junk photos so I could clean out my storage space. So some older posts (you really wouldn't be interested) full of just babble are pictureless. This goes to show how difficult it is for me to write without pictures.

It was someone like me that made the cave paintings.

Update: After deleting tons of useless stuff I have decided to buy more storage for pictures. $20 for a year. I guess that it is not too much to ask so I can continue to post useless stuff.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I'm so glad you will be having more "useless stuff" for us to see and read! LOL

    I have benefited tremendously from your useless stuff!

    BTW, thanks for the pointers a couple days ago when I asked about oil painting techniques. I need to go up in the attic and find my paints. I think I have some oils mixed in with my watercolours and acrylics. Maybe I can do a mixed media???? HUMMMMM.....


  2. I really, really love this one ... the fabric folds, the nectarines (they look so real!), the reflections in the cup (so shiny!). Exquisite.


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