Monday, July 07, 2008

oil on gallery wrapped canvas
I took a day off from reality and just had fun with paint. I had no image in mind, just started applying the color and let it lead me to the composition.
I knew I wanted to make something loose and juicy, and that I would add details afterward.
Plenty of details.

It's good to let loose with the paint, every now and then! Ole!


  1. Kathy F6:12 PM

    I really like the pictures you've been painting. I like the reality ones, and now I also like Splurge. It looks more like your quilting.

    When you mentioned adding detail, I immediately thought, "Thread Painting," but then I remembered you're working on a canvas, not a quilt.

  2. i love this luscious splurge...

  3. This is lovely... it reminds me of a giant yellow iris... Or is that just me?

  4. WOW! Quite a departure from the realistic paintings of the fruit & veggies; But very wonderful!
    Loosey Goosey!

  5. That's Melody like I know you from PIVA last year, exploding fireworks. :-)))
    Your realistic paintings are beautiful and I like them...but Splurge is you!
    Fernande from Luxembourg

  6. Now your talkin'! That's juicy.

  7. Judy Sall8:08 AM

    Awesome! Bright, vibrant, full of visual interest! And as for your 'reality' paintings, girl, you are great!


  8. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I love this one Melody, makes me happy to look at it.
    Your realistic paintings are very skillful and you are obviously enjoying doing them so that is wonderful .
    Personally though, I love the more abstract and colourful and original like this does remind me of your quilts too.
    Thanks for sharing it .
    Linda [BC]

  9. I LOVE this one - the bright Melody colors!!! I'm a bright color person, too.

  10. Anonymous10:13 AM

    You have been let loose again. Love it. Wild and Bight--- what a way to live.

  11. Leslie12:20 PM

    I'm really intrigued by the way you let the composition unfold with no preconceived ideas as you started. It's a wonderful piece and leaves me wondering if this is how you've approached any of your work in fabric as well. I would love to experiment with fabric in this way, but I've no idea if I have the "gene" - how does one get started? It's a whole new way of thinking (or non-thinking...)

  12. Leslie,
    If you really want an answer please email me at the address at the top of the sidebar.


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