Friday, July 04, 2008

Mushrooms on Glass
Mushrooms on Glass
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
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I was cooking some pasta for pesto, and remembered that I had some fresh mushrooms in the refrigerator. I sliced half of them and began to saute, when it dawned on me that they would be fun to paint.
This is about the least amount of red I have ever had in a painting! The fact that I wasn't using black made it a real trick to get dark enough shadows. Eventually I dug around and found a tube of lamp black and did use it for the darkest darks.


  1. Wowzers! I absolutely love this one!

  2. This is great Melody! You did a wonderful job with the reflections. I'm sure that wasn't easy to do. Brava!

    Kristin in SC

  3. Helen4:05 AM

    Very nice, I like all of the paintings so far, but the mushrooms look hard to do, and you did them so well. I like the little nicked spot on the first one from the right.

  4. Judy in Indiana9:37 AM

    Your paintings are lovely and I can see your skill and delight in them. I confess, I love your quilting more and will miss that a lot. Yours is the only blog I have linked on my homepage because of that and your breezy writing in large font and your photos. I am happy you are so satisfied, but I am a bit mournful all the same.

  5. Dear Judy in Indiana,
    I appreciate your feelings about missing my quilts, and must say that I think I could return to quilting in the winter, when working with a hot iron sounds lots more appealing.

    Funny that you mentioned the large font...isn't strange how many blogs have faint, tiny print, as tho they are ashamed to be writing at all. I feel that if you have to squint to read my stuff, it would have to be a lot more interesting than it is now.
    Thanks for your comment.

  6. these are wonderful!


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