Monday, June 09, 2008

Mostly Yellow

Mostly Yellow

Oil on primed canvas 10x10"

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The bananas were still sitting out in the studio from the Day-O painting and when I looked in the crisper drawer I saw the apricots were also still uneaten. So combining them with the Cameo apple and the yellow thread seemed like a theme. I went out and cut some daisies from the orchard and added them because their centers were that same yellow orange color.
I set them up on the white canvas cover of my table to further reduce the palette. I was going for a limited palette of mostly yellow orange things.

I tried to include this object but he wasn't interested in posing.

The zucchini blossoms are the right shade, but I must let them be, as I am eager to get the first fruits of the season.

These red lilies are pale red, so they don't qualify, but we have pink and and darker red too, just coming into bloom. Not counting the Stella D'Oro and wild orange variety. With this new summer heat everyone wants to show their faces...not me. I am staying indoors until it cools off.


  1. Good grief, Mel. You don't think you coulda' spared ONE zucch blossom?? Have you ever experienced a shortage of zucchini???

    Popeye just totally cracks me up.

    teri....getting ready to head for Columbus Friday. Sure will miss you!!

  2. Bananas and Popeye seem like the perfect composition to me, related themes and all...

    Painting looks great!


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