Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oil on canvas panel 6x6"
There were luscious fruits and veggies at my local grocery today, and I found myself buying things I have never bought before, like this artichoke. I love artichokes, but always bought them marinated in jars, cans or frozen, never fresh. Now I have one, as subject matter, and I think I will have to try cooking it too.
...maybe after I paint it a few more times.
Note: I am putting each week's paintings on my alternate blogsite, Melody's Paintings so they can be viewed at a glance (and so I can keep a good count of them).


  1. oh, yes, cook that baby up and dip it in warm butter or is it mayo? It's been awhile. Love the texture and depth of this one.

  2. Artichokes are wonderful grilled on the barbeque. First partially cook them in boiling water. Then brush with olive oil, slip some thin slices of garlic between the leaves and throw some fresh rosemary on the grill to flavor.

  3. Oh I am loving this artichoke! I cooked one up for Terry years ago. Seems like it wasn't worth all that effort.


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