Thursday, May 29, 2008


oils on primed canvas, 6x7"ish Sold

If you could look back to my childhood work, you would find paintings very similar to this one. Careful, aiming at accuracy, clearly doing a good job at representing the objects before me. Not a speck of risktaking.

Yeah, so? Well, I want to move past this phase. If I am going to paint representationally, I want to do it with vigor, flair, confidence, and juicy brushstrokes. Nothing wrong with this painting, just not enough oomph. Gotta find my oomph.


  1. Susan Sawatzky9:16 AM

    And then there are some of us who would give a great deal to be able to paint like this! I think it is beautiful. What size is the canvas?

  2. Susan Sawatzky9:17 AM

    Never mind I see it is 6 x 7ish.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Perhaps you have not accepted that you already have more oomph than most...

  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Beautiful! Although it looks wonderful to my eyes, we all know that you have lots of oomph. Eager to see the results of more searching!
    Thanks for all your wonderful posts from teaching to moving to gardening to baking... the list just goes on and on.


  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I would love to sew with these, they are juicy!
    Bev Longford

  6. Maybe you should try not looking at something when you are painting? Maybe you can't resist making them realistic looking because you have an actual model in front of you?

    Just a thought. They look great! :)


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