Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paint Daubs

Our garage is full of blank canvases just waiting for my brushes and paint, but when I went out to get some, I found we had moved this old acrylic painting (on paper) that I thought I had tossed. Hmm. Maybe I could use it as a base to try out some juicy oil paint brushstrokes.

I found this old jpeg in my files and brought it into Photoshop where I clicked on Filters>Artistic>Paint Daubs. Hey! That's how I want to paint....loosey goosey paint!

So I propped my laptop within my sight and began to apply paint.

Deconstructed Balloons

Oil over acrylic paint, watercolor paper, ~18x24"

The brushstrokes are better than the smooth surface from the original but I really like the look in the Photoshop version. Of course that is not really paint, is it?


  1. I like your new header.

  2. I love these paintings that you do--you have fantastic color sense! I am very envious of your painting ability, though as another kind of artist I can understand being critical of your work and wanting to improve. I think they're perfect though.

  3. Melody, Your paintings are fabulous...I am so amazed by your exuberant color choices. Now, your question was "Of course that is not really paint is it?" Well, you know things change over time....maybe we should call it the "21st Century's version of paint." Whatever it is...keep on having fun with it...I'm loving it!! Pat at birdnestontheground


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