Saturday, May 31, 2008

¡ Apricots !
¡ Apricots !
oil on primed canvas
7.5x6.75" Sold
By Jove, I think I've got it!
These are the kind of brushstrokes I wanted and couldn't get, but now I think I am very, very close. It is all due to watching this video by Carol Marine, whose work is just so wonderful. I have been studying her work and yes, my paintings may look like hers initially, but eventually they will unavoidably revert to looking like mine, only the new and improved mine, I hope.
The best part is this apricot. Just a few brushstrokes all in the right places, no fuss, no fixing anything, just leave it alone. How cool is that?
You can see from this close-up that I am pinning my canvas to a paper towel which is pinned to a bulletin board and propped up on my easel. I have lots of stretched canvases but then if I wanted to frame the painting, I would have have to get a special frame and at this time I am more interested in just discovery and practice. What is nice about unstretched canvases like this is that they can fit into a picture frame meant for a flat photograph. I have a ton of those lying around, (don't you?) and some especially nice frames in which the glass broke. Since this is an oil painting, glass coverings are not necessary. Another nice way to frame a painting like this is to float it on a larger piece of mat board, no cut-out window at all.
So the smiles are big around Chez Johnson and I am feeling empowered. What this means is that I need not fear painting an intricate item, I'll purposely not include every nuance of every nook and cranny. Just the essentials please.


  1. Yes, by jove, I think you've got it!

  2. What a great video! It was really neat how she set it up and it developed. Love your results... makes me want to reach out and squeeze.

  3. Judy Sall9:08 AM

    Girl, who told you that you didn't know how to paint? Rubbish! You're doing great!


  4. Very juicy indeed! Just do it! I like the bold apricots better than the fussed-over daisies. Keep it up, you are a fabulous artist no matter what the media.

  5. I wonder if you would consider posting the kind of "how tos" for your painting as you have done for your dying....I'd love deeper insight into your process..materials...etc. loved the notes you made on the un-stretched canvas, for example...
    and maybe its just me...but I always dig the wonderful smudging on the paper towels...maybe a bit of canvas in place of the paper towel and you would have a secondary "accidental " painting...

  6. I think while you were doing all that gardening something else was going on in your brain! Those look just like the apricots that I had before I chopped them up and ate them in yogurt on my flax/egg crepe this morning. LOL!

  7. Melody, I have tried to do realistic subjects off and on over the years and that wonderful light and loose touch has always been elusive. You have nailed it! Brava to you!!

    I have loved Carol Marine's work too, ever since the daily paintings movement took off.


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