Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Remains of Romaine
A pretty disgusting sight. I have planted 9 Romaine lettuces and 4 have bitten the dust like this one.
The other five are coming along just great, as are the Red Sails leaf lettuces.

In fact they are just about ready to pick and make a salad. Woowoo! I never bought lettuce plants before, and just put seeds (way too many) in the ground. In the past I wasn't home enough to harvest on a daily basis and the lettuce patch got away from me FAST.
I got these plants in early and the frost didn't hurt them a bit, thankfully, but something else has. The only thing that I can think of is verticilium wilt, but that may just be for cucumbers, or other squash. I have those planted from seeds and they are up and looking vigorous already.
So Smart Reader that you are, I know you will know why these several romaines died on me and the others haven't (yet. It could still happen).

One of the missing pictures from yesterday's post. The hill and the pampas grass and liriope. Today hopefully we might start mulching, or not... Dave went for an MRI, so left to my own devices, I am doing the laundry. You can tell when it is garden time. All the socks are muddy.

O how I love these Iris Cristata.


  1. I don't have any smart answers, but I, too, love the iris!

  2. Oh! the blue/violet of those iris is otherworldly. So very beautiful.
    Can't help with anything lettuce-wise...except eating it of course.

  3. Try cutting back the messed up leaves of the lettuce and let it come back. It should.

    I do cutting mixes with lots of romaine in them. I cut when the leaves are about 4" and the plants come back. I can get about 4 harvests before they crap out.


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