Thursday, April 24, 2008


A really really big moth thought he could hide from view in my hosta leaves. Ha!

It must have been butterfly day in the orchard, which is really blossoming forth in a big way. The apple blossoms attracted these two butterflies and numerous bees, and wasps and ants. Everybody wants a bit of their sweetness.

I am so excited to see that the Hosui Pear (Asian Pear) has little pears forming already. I can't believe my luck at having such a nice specimen. I hope we get enough rain to bring these to maturity.

The leaves on this tree are just gorgeous and so shiny, both green and orange together. I had a difficult time limiting the pictures to just this one. I also found numerous peaches, about pea sized, and still with their blossoms attached. But they are fuzzy already!

Back at the pond, the tadpoles are hatched and number in the gazillions. They are swimming about the water's edge and are just so tiny, but visible from the embankment. The mature frogs are a riot to watch, so lazyily breastroking out a yard or two and then just hanging in the water, moving one foot every now and then to declare "I am awake". When I walk by they leap off the bank with a squeak, and I noticed in the stillness of the evening that the water shimmers and vibrates as they send out their calls.

The two redbuds are all opened and starting to leaf out. To think I almost had these cut down! No way. I am thrilled to have them.
And to think I don't have to travel outside my yard to see Dogwoods in bloom. How divine.


  1. Your season is so far ahead of ours. Butterflies? Isn't that really early or am I just jealous? You have quite the nature preserve.

  2. what a beautiful land....

  3. Liz in IN8:00 AM

    Butterflies and moths, fruiting and flowering trees-- Oh, how beautiful! I love gardenmania!

    Here in Central IN, 'they' are threatening us with the F-word for Monday night. No, not that F-word, sillies. And not even 'Frost'. No, they're saying "light FREEZE possible". Argh!

    I'm praying the forecast changes. Our lilacs are just beginning to bloom, and I'd hoped the blossoms wouldn't get last year. Crazy weather....

  4. with all those frogs, maybe you'll get some 'peepers'. they will sing you to sleep at night....

  5. Hmmmm- with all that fruit will it be "canningmania" in a few months hahaha! or will you guys just eat fruit till ya can't stand it anymore? Love the butterflies!

  6. Such beautiful flowers and your fruit... oh, my! Do read up on when to thin out some of the young fruit. It helps the remaining fruit grow nice and big at maturity.

  7. WOW! I'm envious. You're way ahead of our season here in Central Ohio on the north side of a hill.

    I'm sure you know, but the first moth is a cecropia moth. Gorgeously huge critters. The second may be a spicebush swallowtail butterfly and the third is a tiger swallowtail. Beautiful creatures.

    This isn't your state, but here are some useful images:

    Twinnie Susan

  8. Keep up the nature walks for us "northerners". We're almost there! My redbuds are turning pink but not ready to bloom yet.

  9. AKA, a silk moth. I have a preserved one we found (already dead) at the Chiro's office.

    Looking wonderful. We keep getting forecasts of snow here in Nova Scotia but, so far, just rain. Let's hope it stays that way.



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