Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crisp Morning Light

Working like a 20 year old has made me fall into bed so early that I don't have the energy reserves to shoot the day's progress. At 4am the rooster crowed and I went out to the porch to see how things look. Essentially: dark.
Back to bed.
But then three hours later the sun had risen and so did I. With camera and coffee in hand I took a look at the day. Clear, warmish and sunny.

The Dogwood has almost completely filled out, changing from yellowish flowerettes to almost white. It turns out there are several more of these around the hill, and in the woods, but not nearly as full as this one. I am thrilled beyond words.

One of the three pink azalea I planted in early March is opening its huge flowers.

And the red ones, tho smaller, are putting on a big show too.

My project for Monday was to plant the hill. It's like spitting in the ocean. At the crest are 32 Lirope plants and below that is a line of 18 pink Pampas Grasses. Can you barely see them?

Here's the Lirope preplanting. They look small here but will fill out. That's what I am telling myself alot these days. The Pampas Grasses will be 8-12 feet tall when mature. A veritable wall of grasses.

And then I have 40 Hosta Elegans to add to the hillside, should my knees be up to the job.

We have been watching landscape shows on HGTV and DIY and they are such foolers. When the crew of 20 come in and re-do a landscape in one half hour segment, it seems so simple and easy. Ha! And they bring in fully mature plants (expensive). I will have to wait for several more years for all my plantings to start looking like something. I hope I live that long.

Sorry about the missing pictures. Blogger is working against me today.


  1. Ah, but that's the fun. One day you will look out and think "when did that ___ get so big? When the heck did I plant it?"

    I have trees out at the farm that I planted when we built the house. I looked out the kitchen window one day (2nd floor in the back as the house is built into a hill) and realized the 3' tall spruce I had planted was taller than the house!

    It makes me sad that I couldn't take the trees with me that were planted for my kids on various Earth Days and the ones they got me for Mother's Days.....


  2. I love that early morning hour when the air is bordering on chilly and the birds are singing-everything feels so clean and fresh. Glad you're getting to enjoy some of that as well.

  3. We will be going through the exact same thing in the weeks to follow. The house we bought in Soddy Daisy was completely devoid of any ornamental landscaping--not a tulip or daffodil on the property--so we also have to remove the sod/weeds and lots of poorly conceived brick borders. Mary's in McMinnville is quite a bit further from Soddy that Palmer, I assume. Do you think the prices are really worth the extra drive?

  4. Maybe they should do a segment on your place. They could plant all your stuff in a day or two and film it. Wouldn't that be nice. You could sit on your porch and sip "tennessee tea."

  5. I think you'll have to join the Society of Horticultural Gardens. Charge admission. :-D

    Twinnie Susan


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