Sunday, April 20, 2008


O No! A Suburban!

A woman who works at Mary's Greenhouse had this 1988 GMC for sale for dirt cheap. I would have rather had the dirt, but Dave was smitten.
"It has a trailer hitch", he swooned.
"We don't have a trailer," I countered.
My reply fell on deaf ears.
That was Friday, after we went to the new neurologist (perfect new doc) and then went to Mary's where I shopped and Dave dickered. Saturday at the crack of dawn we returned to the scene and picked up the New La Bamba, and I stayed at Mary's finishing up my plant purchases for the season. I am not returning til next year, I promise. Looking on the bright side, I can now bring home BIGGER PLANTS. Plants are the new yarn.

Back home on the ranch, I had to get that trench dug to plant my clematis. I am taking your advice, dear readers, to NOT plant my trumpet vines here. I will find a lone spot on the landscape where they can have free rein.
Take note of the digging implements I have at the ready. The ground here is hard packed clay/rock/sandstone. The fork is useless and Dave suggests the pick axe. That works, but I can only bite about 3" with each swing. Did you know that when you wield a pick axe that you use your gluteus maximus muscles? Let me tell you, it's true. I am building Buns of Steel.
Or digging my own grave. We'll see which comes first.

Meanwhile, while I hack away at my trench Dave is transferring rock to the pondside. It is starting to look really good.

I moan and rest and hack away and moan, and soon my antics do the trick. Dave comes over to see my progress and show me how it's done. A few whacks and half my trench is dug. Then we hit a huge boulder.
It was under the railroad tie and not gonna move. So I decided it is easier to move the trellises and dig in the other direction. We dug out about 8 inches deep, and have more to dig today. Our plan is to fill the space with composted manure and topsoil and then put in the four waiting clematis.
Other new things include the opening of these darling irises.
They are in the pond shade garden, and more are in the main shade garden, and are really in need of dividing. I'll be getting to that sometime.
At Mary's I bought one of everything, knowing I would meet with no resistance from Dave. I am way ahead in this game now...


  1. I moved from an older neighborhood to a hillside house. My yard is shale with a teeny bit of dirt thrown in. My new best friend is a mattock, which is very similar to a pick ax. It has a 5 pound head and does give a great cardiovascular workout. I have to use it for almost all my plantings. I wish I'd gotten the one with the 3 pound head instead. I'm getting too old for the heavy one. :-D

    PS - I love reading your blog every day!

    Twinnie Susan

  2. Those Iris are really beautiful. What a workout you're getting. Our neighbor has clematis and the scent is intoxicating. I wait for it all year.

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM

    The old let hubby buy what he wants and he can't say anything about what you buy trick!
    I used it myself!
    Big Sis

  4. Love the 'burban! Trust me, it will come in handy!

    Wish I was close enough to get some of those iris.....


  5. Oh my. A trucky for Dave. Perhaps that will distract him from the death trap?

  6. Liz in IN8:43 AM

    Ah, yes. The concept of 'parity' has come in handy around here, too! As in: 'The table saw cost $xxxx. That's a lot of guilt-free yarn and fabric!'

    How many gallons per mile--ooops I mean mpg--does the Subdivision get? ;) Ah, well. The mysterious relationship between men and trailer hitches cannot be denied!

  7. I live in the Ozarks where our main crop is rocks; all sizes. My favorite tool for digging is a mason's hammer or a geologist rock hammer; same thing. Bought it at the farm supply store.

  8. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Have you thought of planting clematis on top of wall and letting it trail DOWN timber.
    Don't like the chances of it surviving in that hard ground.


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