Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NOT so easy to blog from Oregon

My darlings, the way I must blog is to go to the motel office and ask for a cable and plug in and then start blogging. We begin teaching at 8am and that means waking at 5:30, and being dressed, fed and coffee'd by 7:30. Squeezing in a blog is a real test of my commitment to you.
But you know I love you, so here are the highlights.


  1. Of course, I bow down to the GREEN and PURPLE. And, wow!, are those student works? Very talented bunch.

  2. The socks, they are soooo sexy, yes? Once they are wearable (ie - the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome has been treated with wine and chocolate, and overcome) could you let us know how they feel? I've always hesitated to put lace on the top of the foot - I worry that it might be uncomfortable in a shoe. Although, if my socks were that sexy, I would go shoeless and wear them around the house, in grave danger of walking into walls as I pranced around admiring my socks.

    Mel - I received a great knitter's care package from my mother today - details on my blog - you may want to swing by to share in the group drooling. I'm so lucky!

  3. Mmm, wonderful quiltlets. I'm salivating ever since seeing your article in the Fons and Porter. The mag is lying on my coffee table and egging me on. In the meantime I've got to finish the border on Kid's quilt (she is already using it, so I'd better, but at the same time the pressure is off), quilt the top that was a Christmas prezzie for my husband, and only then I'm allowed to get into it. Suffering here.

  4. Cool socks...

    Now look at the topmost picture of the bodacious blooms... doesn't the one on the left (blue and purple with yellow on it) look like fireworks?? Appropraite for the week...

    and so cool.

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