Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hello from Oregon!

On the plane somewhere in the great sky over Western USA

Frieda sitting across the aisle from me. Everyone enjoyed our shouting conversation.

We landed first in Portland and then took this prop plane to Redmond.

I refused to let them take my carry on bags, containing this computer and my digital projector. My other bag has all my knitting. Three projects.

We get to Sisters and off comes the shoes and sox.

Even the grocery stores have quilts hanging up for the week. It is a big deal here.

Frieda sending a text message. Aren't we so up to date?
Our motel has llamas, doesn't every one? Can alpaca yarn be nearby?
He is shorn, so I am on the lookout for the rest of him, washed, spun and dyed. Is there a chance?

We bought just the essentials at the grocery store.

The real thing...Oregon Raspberries!

The hostess for the evening, ready with a slurp!
Karen Eckmeier our teacher neighbor, sharing a glass of wine with us.

I must pontificate. It is my nature.
It is truly lovely here, just like the old west.
We will be taking more pictures and perhaps we will even talk about quilts for a change!


  1. Looks like fun already. Chips, rasberries and a llama. Big fun.

  2. Hi Melody and Frieda,
    As usual, I can't let a day go by without seeing what you are up to. Have fun in Oregon! Teri (we met over produce in Columbus)

  3. Those are the biggest raspberries I have ever seen!! YUM! Looks like fun.

    teri (from Michigan)

  4. It looks like you ladies are having a wonderful time! Have a great trip!

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