Friday, July 08, 2005

Bad Girl Blogs in Class

I have discovered that I can go online in my classroom at this super brand new wonderful high school. I am blogging instead of knitting, so I am keeping up my bad behavior. This is just a variation.

I have a class of 21 and we are doing Releasing the Creative Block. About six students are previous fusers, or as I like to call them, graduate students. Then the rest are virgins and we are all trying to do the same thing at different times and at different experience levels. It is taxing the teacher's ability to maintain order and noise level.
Rather than fight the system, I decided to abdicate authority and let chaos reign. The minute I did that, all calm returned and people began to work. sigh.

After the week here in Oregon I am finally adjusted to Pacific time. I am about to close down the class and go outdoors for lunch. I am remembering to bring the camera this time and will have pictures of mountains, flowers and stuff to share... stay tuned

OK here are the results of remembering my camera:

Does this look like a postcard? Everything here does. I had to doctor this up a bit to try and show the mountain top covered in snow. All to no avail. Trust me, they are covered in snow.

Another vain attempt at capturing the humongous landscape.

Frieda and our new bud Carol Nelson who took us out for dinner at a wonderful spot in Black Butte. And her house was GAWjuss!

OK I admit I have forgotten her name. Frieda says it is Brigitte. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The Highland Lassies, Lorna and Fiona, friends from Scotland. I hope to meet them again when I visit next summer.
Must pack up and get back to the hotel. IT'S OVER!!!


  1. Lovely pictures. I got to go to Oregon when I was teaching in Federal Way WA and it was lovely. Thanks for bringing back memories for me!

  2. Hello Mel,

    when you go to Scotland next year, will you be taching a class there? If so I'd love to come because it is much closer for me than the US and actually halfway justifiable. Do let me know, will you?

    Thanks so much!
    Dorothee at

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