Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another BeeeUUUtiful Day!

The Bluest Sky heralds another scorcher.

We'll have 95 degrees today, again. Thank God for air conditioning.

It rained a little last night and my plants really loved it. My basil is about to have its first harvest and be transformed into pesto. I will not be having it on pasta and bread as in days of old, but as a salad topping with some tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Bring on the chianti!

I do try and remember to water my flower boxes, so the mini drought has not affected them too badly. However, as you can see, the grass has that lovely golden shade often associated with the great Southwest. Not what we want to see in the great North Midwest.

Scattering of spiderwebs are visible in the early morning light. The green part is under our maple tree.

My Asian Lilies kindly opened today, before I leave on Sunday, so I won't miss seeing them.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors lilies, but I do

The deck and the giant hosta collection. I love these dependable plants. In the center of the picture is a clump of cranesbill hardy geraniums. These are also so dependable, spreading and filling in garden gaps. I have several colors and sizes, and even after they bloom the leaves are so lovely. I have used them as a quilt image.

And now for something completely different!

Since I am getting ready to leave again, I need to think about what I will knit on the plane. It occurs to me that I haven't posted any finished objects in a long time. So I have gathered a clump of them, for the record. These are all associated with teaching trips.

In Green Bay WI, my hostess, Lindi Kuritz gave me this pattern for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Ribwarmer Vest. I loved the idea that the sides and back are knit at the same time and joined at the center back with a three needle bind off. Actually I think that was my idea. It was fun and easy to knit and will certainly keep me warm in the winters to come. I did have a speck of trouble (cursed for hours) with that I-cord edge. It either rippled or pulled in. Eventually I got it to work for me.

In Maine, I brought along the yarn that Emily Parson gave me for my birthday, and knit this gigantic shawl. It was wonderful to do and is so large that the only place I could shoot it was my dining room table, with all the leaves in. Still you can't see the ends...they are there. Really.

These are the sox that are made from hand dyed wool, by Frieda Anderson.
I think I made them last January or February, and they still haven't made it into my overflowing sock drawer(s).

The Kona Superwash wool is so heavenly to work and these are the thicker kind of sox that I really love to wear.

The back and front, you choose, of the vest made from wools that Caryl Fallert gave me for my birthday last year. She was cleaning out her house in preparation to move to Paducah. Lucky me! When I got the box in the mail, it was actually my birthday, December 28, and was I surprised and overwhelmed when I opened it. Tons of fabulous yarns, in colors that I would not necessarily have chosen, she being a redhead and all, but WOW am I glad to have them. What a gorgeous earthy palette, and damn if I don't have purple and green and teal pants to wear with this vest.

When I was in Maine, I ran out of the shawl yarn, not thinking that I would get that much knitted while I was there. Project panic ensued and I had to go to the yarn shop before I left for the airport. Not having a project in mind, I resorted to my favorite diamond patch sweater .
Just two yarns this time, but what wonderful ones they are. Hand dyed mohair and merino from Maine! and a standard favorite hand dyed teal Araucana from Peru.

Last night I started a new sock pattern, and I am not sure I will be happy with the yarn choice, so I will hold off showing it now.

I announced last night that I must make a quilt today or GO NUTSO. So into the studio for me today. Yippee.
One more thing... last night we took a nature walk in a newly discovered park in Lake in the Hills, and while we were there we saw a fish in a pond, a woodchuck swimming in the swamp, and a real honest to goodness Bluebird. I think that is a portent of good things to come.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous knitted items. Your garden photos are wonderful, too.

    Thank you for your directions on how to make blog work. I hope to create an interesting post later today.

    Have fun creating you quilt!!!!

  2. I'm sure it was the bluebird of happiess. By the way - your sidebar is all screwed up on my computer, I wanted to send someone to the escape hatch post and it is covered by some new things you have added. FYI I don't like messy blogs!!

  3. Yes...I think that Bluebird was sent to tell you that you and Dave are on the path....Love all the knitted stuff. I have to finish the lovely sweater I started last winter. Maybe on the plane trip to Maine as there isn't enough elbow room on the 19 seaters we take to Rhinelander. Have fun in Oregon!!

    teri- in equally steamy Michigan where my front door is standing open because the painters are here.

  4. I love the colors in the Caryl-yarn vest and your plants are loverly.

  5. The lilies are gorgeous as is the rest of the garden. Your basil looks much nicer than mine. I'm jealous. We love pesto, freeze a bunch every year to enjoy later.

  6. Love the garden photos!

  7. I was skimming through your knitting photos rather quickly as I ate lunch. At first I thought you had knit a pair of blue bikini underwear, but on closer inspection, I realized it was a shawl!

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