Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Busy? YOU BET!

I am getting ready for a week at Sisters OR with A Quilters Affair (classes are full Thank Heaven) and I am going with Frieda Anderson. I have five classes, which means five sets of kits and samples and tons of things to remember to bring.
Not to mention outfits!
Will it be hot or freezing air conditioning? Can anyone tell me before I pack on Saturday?
The dyeing is done, thanks to Angie, but there is the pesky washout and ironing left to moi. It will be done.
Hopefully I will have a moment or two to make some new small pieces for this new set of eyes.
I did manage to get my entry for IQA-Houston in the mail yesterday and one for the Mancuso's World Quilt and Textile, under the wire. And thankfully my Matchstick Moons #3 was accepted into the Husqvarna Exhibit at Houston, so I am assured of a presence there. As you may have guessed I made that quilt just for their contest, as it had to measure 51" square, which it nearly did. I would not have been happy to have it snubbed.
For the record, I hate size requirements.
It will be another hot one in Cary IL my hometown, so I am staying indoors as though it were subzero winter, happily dinkin' around in the studio. If something interesting comes together, you will be the first to know. Don't hold your breath.


  1. July in Sisters is usually VERY hot. But we are having strange wes coast weather. Layers - that is the solution!

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  3. Congratulations Mel, both on getting into the Husqvarna exhibit and getting your other entry off! When you didn't say anything earlier, I was worried. Matchstick Moons will look awesome in the exhibit. I just hope mine isn't hanging anywhere near it 'cuz yours will put mine to shame. I only entered the HV challenge because you said earlier this year it was a good one to try for. As always, trying to learn from pros like you!

    I'm with you -- I don't like size requirements either, but it did force me to work in a big square shape which I found that I actually liked.

  4. Mel, I admire your energy and attitude toward your work and life in general...I'm just going to say congratulations on you being you :)

  5. Four of us took a road trip from the SF Bay Area to Sisters several years ago. We hit 13 quilt shops! It was great fun. Did someone say marionberry pies? I think it will be hot, hot, hot and I saw very little air conditioning. We brought a case of water, froze it, re-filled, etc. Did I say I think it will be HOT?


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