Saturday, July 02, 2005

Breakfast with The Talent

We have temporarily moved our coffee meeting spot from the Panera of our Lives to a new venue, closer to the Homes of the Stars.
And closer to the TJMaxx, the post office and the yarn store.

Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski, The Talent, at our new meeting place,
Chez McDonald's.
Emily Parson and these gals have just flown in (last Sunday really) from Hollywood where they were taping an upcoming TV show for the DIY channel. I was originally part of this escapade, but decided to bow out due to my sworn resolution of avoiding stress in 2005. ( unfortunately, stress happens even when one is studiously avoiding it.) I couldn't wait to hear all about it and bask in their reflected glory.
If either one of these gals would get a blog... but then, Emily does, so some of the pictures are on her blog.

The Stage Door Entrance.

On the Set.

Frieda packing up after they finished shooting. The crew was required to leave the premises at precisely 7 pm, so those minor details, like getting all the stuff back into suitcases had to be done in the parking lot. Where are Frieda's 'people' when she needs them?

Emily and the star of the show, uh, um, gee, I forgot her name. I know I was told, but now it escapes me. I am sure she is very, uh, tall.


And now back to my dull, pedestrian life... I am much happier with this yarn for my new sock inspired by Jan Burgwinkle of Bemused fame. Whatever she makes, this little lamb must follow.

My abandoned first choice.
Too busy to see the design, the Feather and Fan sock pattern from Socks, Socks, Socks.

I had only one ball of the purple Baby Ull, duh, but I started the sox with it anyway and liked how it looked. I figured I would just go back to my LYS and get another ball and actually make my first pair of solid color sox. The shop had no more of that gorgeous periwinkle, so I opted for the aqua, which is my NEW FAVORITE COLOR.

So, OK, they will have an aqua foot, and a periwinkle toe.

While I was at the shop I reconsidered the half price yarn, and went for the Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. $4 a skein, 175 m. Note the color choice. Soon you will not recognize me for lack of fuschia and red in my wardrobe.

My plan is to make a large, roomy, incredibly complicated looking Aran cardigan which should occupy me for months to come in front of the TV, spitting and ripping and cursing, and loving every minute.

How many do I actually need? I got all 17 skeins. My arm gave out on the winder after these 9 were done. I'll come back to it as needed.

O yes. I am leaving for seven days in Sister's OR tomorrow, with Frieda, and must pack today. All the fabric is ready and about to be crammed into the suitcase. I have been to the library, for a new mystery, have three knitting projects to bring along and a new skirt from the aforementioned TJMaxx visit to pack. I have just discovered at 2am that I am giving a lecture one night while I am there. Fear not, I am prepared, but it was a good thing I checked my contract.

During a night of fitful sleep I designed a new class. It will be a two day machine quilting class and will include the making of a quilt combining one piece each of hand dyed cotton and silk. The quilt will be an artistic sampler of free motion quilting designs, based on the color and pattern in the fabrics. When I return from Sisters I will plunge right into the project and preview the results.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.


  1. The socks sound wonderful to me! But then, I like odd socks.

    As always, the fabric looks yummy, the trip sounds great and I like the new class idea. Of course, I have been combining your beautiful silks and cottons since the workshop at Tommy's last August. MANY nice comments on both pieces while at QSDS (of course I did tell everyone the fabrics were yours and the quilting thread was Laura's).

    Re: stress....sometimes avoiding it is more stressful than just meeting it and going with it. Remember, there are two kinds: distress and ustress. Still, having to pack in the &()%^#$#$@%$^&( parking lot looks a tad distressful to me.

    teri..who will be glad when the 4th is past and my idiot neighbors use up all their fireworks....10pm is ok, 1am is annoying.....

  2. the fabric does look soooo good...I could just wrap myself in it! have fun in california!

  3. I am droooling at the keyboard looking at that fabric. And, BTW when you get that new class ready, let me know. I'm desperate to improve my lack of skills.

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