Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Last Minute Mel

It rained most of yesterday thus preventing my rollerblading again. I truly need the exercise if I am to maintain the tiny butt. However the time inside was well spent, on my class for the weekend.

I am teaching Power Strip Sets which is a class using traditional (!!) log cabin, rail fence and assorted other well known strippy blocks to create artier versions using fusing and decorative rotary blades. This quilt is pictured here sideways even though it hangs vertically, but I just didn't want to use up so much of the page to show it.

We get about this much done in class and since I have become a minor techno-nerd in recent months, I decided that I needed to have a slide presentation of the step by step process, so I began a second class sample yesterday, documenting the whole thing as I made it up.

I didn't want to do the same sample so I went for the rail fence version. This is the one we will do in the morning and then go for the one above for the afternoon portion. Obviously I am counting on having a group of quick learners in my class.

These are both made from a kit that I bring with me to class, and each take about a half yard of fabric to complete. I had to design a quilt that could be entirely made in less than three hours, so you see that it must be simple and fun and at the same time teach the specific techniques.

So I am standing on a stool taking digitals of the steps, carefully, and then making the next part and shooting that. Then I get involved and start adding things and forget to take pictures and pretty soon the top is done and I have left out parts for my slide presentation. arrgghh.

I am using PowerPoint and Picasa and switching between them both to produce the presentation that I will be giving, I think, on Friday... I'll have to check. Now that I have a digital projector all this has become possible to accomplish at the last minute, and even tweak in my hotel room before the class day starts. This appeals to the procrastinator in me.
Now I must go iron the kit fabric and pack it up.


  1. Love these, the colors are wonderful. Wish I could take your class also. Would be so much fun

  2. Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL, as always - thanks for sharing!

    I have the same problem with documentation - and it's a course requirement in the Diploma of Visual Arts I'm stuying - I get so caught up inthe DOING and then i stop and think - oh no - that lasy shot was 10 steps ago! So far I haven't resorted to remaking stuff but I can see it happening...

  3. Totally with you on the geek think, spent hours uploading a picture to photoshop, tweaking it and then getting the lettering I wanted from typogenerator....alas, a great lot of time but someday a great quilt. My next investment is an external multiple dvd burner...we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

  4. These are sooo beautiful! Look at those colors. I especially like the top one!

  5. Love your new class quilts. It's amazing you can design something so knock-your-eyes-out beautiful, and yet your (fast-learner) students can do it in three hours!

  6. Colours galore! Lovely! Hmm, I'd be guessing that you won't be visiting Oz in the next yonk... Just as well cos whilst I have a box of brightly coloured quilting fabric I really can't squeeze in another hobby quite now!


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