Monday, May 09, 2005

It doesn't hurt but...

Typing is arduous. All the keys one hits with the pinkie are hard to do with a honkin' bandage on it. I keep backspacing trying to fix the mistakes. arrggh.

I cut it when I was incorrectly holding a Vidalia Onion. The sharp knife went right through the onion and into my finger. Luckily no blood got on the onion. I then liberally spread blood all over the kitchen and the floor on the way to the bathroom for a bandaid.

Our Mother's Day, sans Mothers, was spent lounging on the deck having a wonderful time eating our grilled steak, peppers. onions and salad, with iced coffee, and a gentle breeze. This is the first really nice day we've had this year. We listened to tunes off the computer and tried to guess which band did them. A Sheryl Crow song, All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun was the theme song of the day. Can you believe that song is already over 15 years old? Where has the time gone?


  1. Hope your pinkie heals soon! OUch! Why am I not surprised to hear you're listening to "All I Wanna Do..." That was one of the first songs I downloaded for my Ipod!

  2. Mel, dahling, you simply must be more careful or we will find your finger in the middle of some fast food scandal


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