Saturday, May 07, 2005

David Walker: Greatest Website Designer

I am so delighted to announce that my friend Patty Hawkins has a newly designed website by David Walker. Her work is so beautiful and David did such a fabulous job of presenting it that I hope you will take a moment and visit both of their sites.
A great website can make such an impression and it is your ambassador on the web. I know you know this already but it bears repeating. Whenever I feel in the dumps I visit the site David designed for me, and I think I am queen of the world!
You will note on David's site that he is making sites for bunches of wonderful fiber artists. Since he is one himself he has a special understanding of what will make the artist and her work look the best.
If I were in the market for a site that would make me a star I would get right in line and enlist David.

Speaking of sites, the Hudson River Valley Art Workshop site featuring Fiber Arts workshops for 2006 is now up and running. I am delighted to see who the other teachers are that will be teaching there with me. Woowoo! Big stars! I am so happy to be invited.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
Dyeing workshop kits today, with three books on my mp3 player to choose from:
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
The Spiral Staircase by Karen Armstrong
But NPR programming has the best entertainment on Saturdays with Car Talk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and This American Life. I also have a fiendish pleasure listening to On the Media, and I don't know why.
I am so happy to have gotten this mp3 player. It makes work so much nicer to have my mind being entertained while my hands are busy. I'l bet it makes housework less boring...not that I'll ever find out...


  1. I always try to plan some errand on Saturdays at 11 am so I can listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me in the car. We never play the radio at home. No good reason. The Red Tent is wonderful. Have a great dying day.

  2. David IS a terrific website designer. He really has a gift for highlighting the particular style of the artist he is creating the site for. The sites never look like anyone else's, like they are from a template.

    Also, Patti's work is superfantastic! My mouth was wide open (and not just because I have a cold and I can't breathe through my nose). "Deafening Silence" is a very powerful and beautiful quilt. I swear, since I've gotten involved in art quilting, I've seen much better composition than in the painting world.

  3. I'd definitely take your class - if I lived on the same continent. But maybe you'll be teaching in Europe one of these days ;-) ???

  4. Melody,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. Love the colors and designs!!! I work with a lot of color, beads, thread, ect.
    Keep up the beautiful work!!
    Susan Sorrell

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