Friday, May 06, 2005

Carole Hoffman is the artist

Carole Hoffman made this tiny art quilt in my class, and I forgot her name. Luckily she found my blog entry and emailed me. I am humbled by my ditsy memory. To boot, I had published her work upside down. Now here it is in all its glory.

I think it would make a lovely LARGE WORK. This is actually the content of my class. WE make small pieces quickly and improvisationally and hopefully they will inspire or be the seed of larger work. For some reason this concept is difficult to communicate to most of the students. They want to take all their small compositions and force them into one humongus piece, thus destroying the lovely, elegant and tiny individual works. I keep trying to get this idea across and am helpless to understand why it fails to reach everyone.
I am going to give it another try next week and let you know if I have any success.


  1. About trying to put all the pieces together, I think the "block mentality" common to quilting is what is at work here.That, and you probably have a lot of small pieces that share a fabric type and color scheme.
    Some people may not be familiar with making small pieces as a trial and might need some lessons on how to go from that small piece to a big one. Jen

  2. One bridge I have to cross before taking a tidy little piece into the bigger realm is making enough fabric in the same colors to go bigger.

  3. When I think of these fabulous tiny quilts..they remind me of the sketches in books. Perhaps if there is a way to communicate that these are sketches, that can then be re-interpreted into larger works (or not)? As someone who doesn't come to art quilts from an art background, this might be a "language" that would translate?

  4. Dear Reader,
    Thank you for the lovely comments for this post. I needn't ever be in a quandry again with intelligent readers like yourselves, I have merely to hint at a dilemma and you come through with the perfect solutions. Thanks so veddy much.

    I keep looking at the small work that Carole made and it is killing me with its perfection.


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