Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Birthday Girls

What an amazing day this will be. Our PAQA meeting in which I will show my newest Matchstick Moon (#3) followed by a birthday party for four of my bestest girlfriends in the whole wide world. Laura, Frieda, Emily and Anne. We are going to Em's where she has promised spa food and I have gifts and cards for them all. They were all to get knitted items, but alas that was not to be. Nevertheless I did create something hand made and really usable for them all, but can't say what or spoil the surprise. Film at 11.
Sonji is coming to our meeting despite the extravagant thunder storm we are enjoying. I woke up to lightening and big booms, but 'rain before 7, clears by 11".
The big news for me is that I was contacted by a Scots quilter and we are talking about getting me over there for a wee cuppa.
Can I be more excited??
Wait wait! There's more!
Stitchy McYarnpants blogged about moi and my quilts!!! OMIGOD.
I can die happily now.


  1. You stink.
    Are you talking about a visit to the other side of the pond?
    You stink.

    I'll want to go with you...

  2. I was glad to see Stitchy's post about your quilts. They are truly the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen.

  3. More stalkers for you! How much adoration can one person stand?

  4. We are waiting impatiently to find out what the surprise birthday gifts were...


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