Thursday, May 12, 2005

Beautiful Maine

I almost missed my plane here because I was on the other end of the terminal grabbing a McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito when they announced the gate change. When my plane was supposed to be boarding, I saw no one getting up and no plane in the gate I was at, and it dawned on me that perhaps, I may have missed an announcement. So I packed up my knitting and my mp3 player and my carryon bag and tottled over to the desk.

"Has my gate been changed?" Idiotically I enquired.
"O, Yes it is downstairs and boarding now, so run! "

I did and then had to go outside and run to the plane in the rain and they wouldn't let me take my carryon because it was such a tiny plane. Damn. It holds my laptop, camera, and digital projector, in other words, my whole career, and I hate to let anyone take control of this bag for fear...well, you know.

I find my seat and immediately buckle up and then the flight attendant says that we need to spread out because we are all in the front of the plane. I am happy to move so I can have an aisle seat and room to knit unencumbered. In my haste to get up, I spill my lukewarm coffee all over my coat and bag. grrrr. Moron.

That's it. The rest of the flight was fine, and I dried off and knit like mad, while listening to a book on my mp3 player.

I wasn't going to bring any knitting this time because everything OTN is too close to being finished to bring, leaving me with nothing to knit after about two hours. But I lie awake at 4 am thinking that I really really should bring something, and I remembered that Emily had given me some wonderful yarn and a pattern for a fabulous shawl so I hopped out of bed and began a frantic search.
I could. not. find. the. yarn!

I looked thru everything in the library and went downstairs and opened every drawer and rubbermaid box and...nothing. I had found the pattern and considered for a moment substituting another yarn, which would have involved way too much thinking, so again I pawed through my shelves and voila the Curlylocks from Fleece Artist appeared!


That's why I couldn't find it. I was looking for a monster hank.
So at 4:30am I cast on and had my first cuppa and here it is so far:

I'm using 13's and it is going like the wind, about 24" wide at the top already. It is sensuous and springy and just wonderful color as you can plainly see.

Foolishly I brought only one cake thinking I will not get that far on this trip...Dimwit.

At this rate I may be FORCED to buy yarn while I am here, for fear of, well you know...


  1. This is very pretty yarn and a very pretty stitch. I am not well versed in knitting, but hope to be some day. I crochet out of nervousness. Now please explain what a cake of yarn is. I see that it isn't wound into a ball, so how do you make a cake and what are the benefits of a cake as opposed to a ball?

  2. That yarn is fabulous. But what is the pattern? It's going very fast!

  3. You are so fast! Is the pattern from It looks like the one I am working on (I posted a pic of it on my blog) but I am knitting impaired so I am not sure. Love the yarn you are using!

  4. Thanks for the link, Jenni. It does look similar. Just what I need, another project to start...


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