Sunday, April 10, 2005

Suggested Topic: Guilty Pleasures?

There are so many that I find it difficult to begin the list. This will be in no particular order of importance.

Wasting (precious creative) hours shopping at TJMaxx and trying on clothes just to see if they will still fit me. I put them in my cart and walk around the store and then put them back and buy nothing. Totally enjoyable and frivolous.

Buying copious art supplies for the supposedly alternate universe I hope to live in one day, where I will have (precious creative) hours just for indulging in other art forms, like polymer clay or beads or painting...

Sex dreams.
Well, I don't actually control those..they just happen on their own. But that doesn't keep me from enjoying them. I only wish that when I wake up I could return to the dream and be a tiny bit more aware of whoever it was that was my partner. The other night it was Peter Jennings. I am not making this up. I will never be able to watch the news without sighing a bit now.

Dental critiques.
Looking at the teeth of everyone and seeing who needs work. Dan Rather comes to mind. Faye Dunaway, Lee Ann Rimes, Lou Gossett, all have gingivitus, I swear.

How I love a good story of the Mighty hitting the skids.

Writing what I think, feel and do and imagining anyone cares. No, imagining EVERYONE cares. Imagining the world hanging on my every word. O what a lovely pink sky I live under.


  1. My dearest girlfriend....these are guilty pleasures??? have described my daily have to have something more awful that this...way to normal ;)

  2. How about, making a fabulous meal when one's husband is away, just for oneself?!

  3. Well, you are my favorite dental critique partner, Melody! I can't wait to see Dan Rather's tartar.

    The rest of the guilty pleasures are sort of DULL...who thought I'd ever use that term associated with YOU? What is the world coming to?

    I agree with Gabrielle, you need to come up with something worse than that.

  4. If meet in person, I'm not smiling because you'll probably think my teeth look really rotten!:) (Probably couldn't help it!)

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