Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sonji and the quilt show

WE talked, we walked, we gawked. We stayed up late and got up early.
We drank tea and coffee, which means I had lots of fun and no hangover the next day. Can you beat that ?
The big Chicago Spring International Quilt Festival is a collection of the winners from the big Houston International Quilt Festival last fall, plus lots of special exhibits. Since I did get to see many of these quilts at other shows last year, it was almost underwhelming to see them again.

Does that sound nasty? Well, I must admit, I enjoy the process of making a quilt much much more than seeing them. You know, I always tell you the truth, even when it hurts.

It hasn't always been this way for me. In my early days I was a basket case at quilt shows. It all was so MUCH to take in. I would be miserable at how far behind it always made me feel. Now I think, this juror let that in? Meow.
Big shows like this do have a way of being overload too. How can you make an evaluation when there is so much to see?

And I am always hoping to see an idea that is spectacularly original. And I still am. I suppose I will have to wait until Quilt National this summer, if I am lucky.

My sincere apologies for not commenting on your particular quilt, which I am sure I saw. It is all a blur now. I am returning today and tomorrow, and will then be able to discern specifics.
Just because I am jaded, doesn't mean it wasn't a spectacular show. Really.

Gerrie Congdon commented on Sonji's blog:

I am soooo jealous! Great idea Deborah has - lets all go to Mrs. Mel's for the Chicago show next year. I have a fantasy about us all meeting some day.

I likey this idea. I would be happy to coordinate adventures for the AQ ring members. Start saving your pennies and let's see who wants to come next year.


  1. Well, I appreciate that you wrote that you were underwhelmed by the show, Melody. I know that we both said it. I always want to be BLOWN AWAY by everything that I see and when I'm not I am slightly disappointed.

    I LOVED visiting you...I will blog later...and greatly appreciate EVERYTHING.

  2. Sounds fun, the AQ Ring idea, I mean. I'd be up for it!

  3. Hey, it's only a little over 2 hours driving for me. The only thing that has kept me from coming so far is the combined cost of getting in, food and lodging. I will see what friends/relatives I can impose upon.....
    I too find the quilts all start to blend together unless there is one (or more) that really grabs me.


  4. Its not that the quilts where so underwhelming...but moreso, Sonji and Melody's bright lights so dazzling :) hehehe...and the AQ ring idea does sound cool!

  5. sings.... My kind of town... Chicago is... My kind of town...

    Thank you Frank. I LOVE the idea of a get together next spring in the Midwest of the AQ ring.

    If people can't wait that long, how about a "trial run" at PIQF this fall??

    (between this new computer and AQT, Houston isn't in the picture this year).

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