Monday, April 18, 2005

Old Lady on Wheels

My Darling Husband Dave decided to ride his bicycle with me when I took my morning skate yesterday. He shot these pictures along the way. This is at the beginning, when the road is very level and I am just getting warmed up.

No traffic to speak of on Sunday morning. I am building uo some steam here.

He moves ahead to catch the panting, but I manage to smile.

On the home stretch where maneuvering around cars is about all I can manage.

Safely back in our driveway, breathless and wobbly. We spent an hour out on the roads and had a fun workout. This was my third day this year on skates and my muscles finally have stopped aching.

WE have two magnolias in bloom and they make me so happy. I took about twenty shots, but will not publish every one... although they are all so beautiful. I love this part of our Spring. Illinois is no vacation spot but we do our best to make Spring and Fall gorgeous with our gardening. Summer usually suffers from drought and neglect, due to so many mosquitos.

Ain't he cute? This was a farewell party for a co-worker who was transferred. All the gals love my husband.
This is his new beard. Very scratchy!


  1. look like a pro. I don't see pain or sweat and your knees didn't buckle. Wait until we go blading together...maybe I SHOULD get that helmet.

    Dave is such a cutie. Now he has a beard like Townsend's. They are a bit too much alike. It's getting wierd.

  2. I haven't been rollerblading in forever! So much fun!

  3. Mel, you go on with your bad self!!!! :) I'm in awe!!!!!

  4. Ah, who can resist a beard? I'm a sucker for a bearded guy every time -- my husband insists I would not have looked at him twice if he had been clean-shaven. Probably true - although we will never know.

    BTW - I know what you mean about Helene Davis' gorgeous fabrics: instantly recognizable in someone's quilt a mile away -- and simply fabulous.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog.


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