Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Goin' to a Quilt Show

My darling Reader,
This morning I am packin' up to go to Paducah with Frieda Anderson. We are gonna talk all the way down (7 hours) and get there about 2:30 or 3 ish depending on how many pit stops we make. The weather is warm and sunny, so it will be a lovely descent into full blown Spring along the way.
We are staying with Laura since she has a room to herself in the awful Executive Inn and we are going to the Awards Ceremony tonight where we are all going to win big prize money, ha! I will be missing American Idol which is gonna cause me no end of frustration, unless I am lucky enough to win BIG PRIZE money and then I won't care.
Hopefully you will still be here if no prize money is forthcoming, and you can salve my wounded ego.
Wednesday we will be part of the cattle herd seeing the show but will no doubt need to have a nap, since we are having a gala girlfriends dinner with Caryl Fallert, Hollis Chatelaine, Gabrielle Swain, Barbara Oliver Hartmann, and various other HUGE STARS in the quilt world. Frieda and I will be included as comic relief.
We plan on returning on Thursday, with plenty o'pictures to post, if they let me take them. I never buy anything but yarn at quilt shows, and my yarn storage is at MAXIMUM at the moment so don't look for any thrilling purchases from me. She swears...

I doubt that a backwater like Paducah will have free internet access, but nevertheless we are both bringing our laptops, since we are dedicated, nay, obsessive geekettes.
Missing you already,
PS I met Frieda at 7 am and I still haven't packed my clothes!!!! See you are first in my mind.


  1. Can't wait until your return to hear how y'all rocked Paducah! I'll just sit here and stare into space and dream about what it would be like to be a big name Quilt Star walking the red quilted carpet...ahhhhhh

  2. Hey Mrs. Mel, have a swell time down South. I'm not coming this year but probably will next year. Good luck!

  3. Have a nice time! We'll miss reading your funny comments... I'm jealous of your wonderful quilt shows here in the UK.

    Hope you win lots of BIG PRIZES!!

    PS. I'm impressed with the skating.

  4. Sounds like soooo much fun! Have a great time!

  5. As a native Chicagoan who now finds herself living in the "backwater", I wish I could attend Paducah! (Things like children and work and grad school get in the way.)
    Have a blast and win big!

  6. Way to go Mrs. Mel!! Congratulations on your First Place at Paducah! Really outstanding.

  7. And congrats again from me! You're a SupaSTar!~


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