Friday, April 22, 2005

WE are the WEINERS!!

Moi and Freebie holding our roses in Laura's booth Tuesday night. We were so high and giddy, and still amazed at our good luck. O the amazing work that was our competition...too much!

You would not want to be in the same state with us if we had not won. BELIEVE ME.

The Glamorous Frieda Anderson and "Shimmering Foliage"

2nd Place Pieced Wall Large

I suggested to Frieda as we drove down to the show that this could be her big year. We agreed that if either of us won we would buy the other dinner. So with her second place ($1000.00!!!) she picked up the check for our lavish breakfast on Thursday. We ate at Sarah's (see pictures below), if you are visiting Paducah, it is a must! While you are there visit Mark Palmer's Gallery at 524 Harrison Street. It is so high class and beautiful. And he is going to let us stay with him (foolish innocent) next year during quilt week. It is very near the future home of girlfriend Caryl Fallert's new studio, which is having a groundbreaking ceremony this week. (We only name drop the best.)

The Mark Palmer Gallery

Sarah's entrance on Market Street, Paducah

Sarah's Garden with Laura and Frieda way back there, under the umbrella.

The artist models her Wonder Bra.
Speech: I am very grateful (and relieved) to have won this prize (1st Small Wall, non-traditional) and feel darn lucky, especially considering the competititon. Nevertheless, I AM REALLY THRILLED to have won, and want to thank the judges, Libby Lehman, Yvonne Porcella, and Diane Gaudinski for their fabulous taste.
Lies: From now on I will enter my work strictly to exhibit but not to compete. It is time for me to step out of the ring, before questions arise about my steroid use.
Soul Bearing Truth: The feeling I have is that I have to make a quilt that is 'for competition' and not for 'art's sake' and that is making me too confused. I don't have a second quilt like this in my future and want to concentrate more on the body of work for my imaginary one person show.
I am just a day away from finishing Matchstick Moons #3 and that is making me so much happier, and engendering so many more ideas, so I know it is the right direction for me to take.
Now I gotta get outta bed and dye fabric all day today or I won't be ready for my next workshop!!


  1. CUDOS! (ye of little faith) What a beautiful color BLUE is, n'est-ce pas?

  2. Way to go! How much was your prize and did you reciprocate? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  3. Frieda's piece is FRICKIN' GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I have already praised you to the point of nausea. You know you are great. I'm pleased about your true confessions, too.

  4. Congratulations, Melody!! And Congrats to Frieda too!!

    I looked at pics of the winning quilts on the AQS site the other day and was a bit underwhelmed by some of the choices (maybe they were better in person?), but truly LOVED yours and Frieda's. Yay You!!

  5. Mel,

    YOu don't have to choose between making a piece for competition and making a piece for "art's sake"...Just change the kind of competition that you aim for.

    Maybe look for more art competitions than quilt shows?

    Accept you are FIRST an artist and secondly a quilter.

  6. Congratulations! And watch that steriod use, I hear there's going to be random urine tests at Paducah next year. Next thing you know, they'll be subpoenaing quilters pharmacy bills.

  7. Congratulations to you both, they are both fantastic pieces and well deserving of the awards! I see you will be in Columbus for NQA, maybe I will get to see you. Again WTG!

  8. Big Congrats, Mrs. Mel [+ Frieda too!]

    Luck?! I think not! Your hard work, focus, and dedication to your art are an inspiration!

  9. Congrats to ya (& Frieda)! It looks like you all had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

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  11. WELL deserved! Could I come and live in your head for awhile? You have such a great eye...


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