Sunday, April 17, 2005

O we have fun!

Since I mention them so often, this is Tommy Fitzsimmons on the left and Frieda Anderson on the right. Taken after a few glasses of wine at our retreat. These gals found they have so much in common. Their specialty is the creative use of our language, getting close to the actual words upon occasion.

Tommy will kill me for posting this picture of her doing her best Jean Harlow look. She had been wearing her hair twisted and clipped ala Upstairs Swedish Maid and we asked to unveil it to see what the knots had done. Fabulous, Dahlink!

And now for something completely different. The Keiko and Friends Exhibit at the Fine Line Art Center in St. Charles IL. This was at the reception yesterday, which was quite busy so I waited until most of the viewers departed to take these site shots.

There were an astounding number of quilts contributed to this show and you can see each one individually on Laura's site

Keiko Goke standing in front of her quilt. The shapes are abstracted cacti, with lots of hand and machine stitching.

Keiko was suffering a bad cold, and it was appropriate that she posed next to Pam Rubert's little quilt about having the germ right in bed with her!

Frieda sold this quilt yesterday, which was nice since she had just purchased a new dishwasher in the morning.

Frieda and Gerrie Congdon's work, side by side.

Moi, Laura, Keiko and Mariko Akizuki, her translator and our pal.

Melanie Borne
Winds of Change
12" x 10.5" $125

I really liked this small piece, but spent my money on a yarn sale in the other room. Baaadddd. I would have bought it if someone had the good taste to have purchased my (overpriced) little quilt.


  1. Thank you, Mrs. Mel, for allowing me to see my quilt at the show and next door to Freida!! Wow, I am in great company.

  2. PS: I sent mine there so you could buy it! Oh, well.

  3. Thanks for posting photos of the reception and Keiko next to my little quilt. Wish we could have been there!

  4. Either Tommy's been out getting some sun or that wine really got to her! Looks like the reception was great fun!! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  5. What fun photos! I love the quilts!

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