Sunday, April 24, 2005

Matchstick Moons #3


Matchstick Moons #3

50 3/4" x 50 1/2" Cotton, fused and machine quilted April 2005

(12 moons)


Matchstick Moons #2
Cottons and Silks, fused and machine quilted
March 2005
(10 moons)

Matchstick Moons #1
Cottons, fused and hand quilted with some machine quilting
December 2004
(6 moons)


Detail of quilted moons from MM#3

Well, I am really making a series now! At last. I designed this one, my last hoop jumping effort, to enter into the Husqvarna exhibit at Houston and traveling. I say hoop jumping because I had to make it fit the 51" square rules. This sort of thing drives me crazy. Luckily I have been advised that the miniscule amount I am off on this one is of little concern. I am also not concerned about winning anything in this exhibit. Like Quilt National, Visions and others of their ilk, just getting in is enough. Plus at this venue the quilts are likely to be sold, which doesn't happen in the other part of the IQA show. The selling part is what I am after. I will ask $4000 for this one. That includes the 15% that IQA takes for their scholarship fund. We'll see how this all goes. If it doesn't get in, it will join the others in my imaginary one person show.

This quilt is the brightest of the three, lest it be ignored, fate worse than death!
And I was smart and made the matchsticks larger than #2, which takes the prize for most ridiculous waste of time and energy in any quilt I have made.

For the next one I will quilt the moons first and then add all the matchsticks. And the #4 will be any shape and size I desire. That's really how I like to work.


  1. STUNNING! I saw the size and I thought aha! this can go in the Shape of Art show. These quilts just glow. Congratulations on a wonderful series.

  2. Really, really nice!

  3. I love them all but #2 is the one that takes my breath away!

  4. Karoda beat me to it! They are all just stunning, but if I had a plague of money and could afford to buy one, I'd want #2.


    Don't all get jealous at once, but I actually got to TOUCH both MM2 and MM3. They are frickin' gorgeous. YUMMMMMMMMMMM.

  6. Having finally seen some of your work in person, I know that the pictures don't begin to do them justice. These are fabulous. Jen

  7. They're all "ymmamente," as you would say! Number 1 is still my favorite--I think it's having fewer full circles and several partial ones (as opposed to more circles in the later ones) that give it strength, for me. But they're all gaw-geous! I can't wait for your imaginary one-woman show!

  8. I love the series. No 2 may have sent you a little crazy, but it does looks wonderful from here ;-)

  9. While I love them all, I loveloveLOVE #2, due to the way the colors blend and glow.

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