Monday, April 25, 2005

You are so kind.

Dearest Reader,
Thanks so much for your compliments and for noting your favorites among the three MM quilts pictured below. I am very happy to hear #2 has your vote, Karen and DebR. I happen to think it has the more 'sophisticated palette' and its finer matchsticks make it appear to have a more delicate touch. Frieda told me today that #1 is still her favorite, which is also nice to hear. #3 is brighter and has the addition of visible quilting so hopefully it will do well out in the world.

As I look over them I think the first one with the smaller moons had a gentler flow of color even though the matchsticks are much larger, and I may continue on in that mode for #4. I keep trying to achieve a halo effect , surrounding each moon. It should be so simple, but really I get lost in the process. I will give it a more deliberate try next time. I only wish I could start the next one tomorrow, but duties are focused on my next gig at the Northern Star Quilters' Guild show in Somers NY.

Speaking of Frieda, her new book is now being advertised by AQS in their book catalog!!! It is called Fast Fun Fusies and is a collection of some of her most lovely botanical designs. Here is the cover.

It will come out this fall. So far, Laura, Frieda and Robbi Eklow have all got books on fusing available now or very soon. So you see, I don't really need to do one now.

I'd rather be quilting.

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  1. I love all three of the Matchstick Moons. But, you mention wanting to get more of a halo effect. To me, in the 3 completed works, the matchsticks define the moons but I am not getting the feeling of a halo. I have several photos I have taken of the moon, some with halos. To me, the halo has to start out quite bright close in, gradually fade and then disappear. Your's never quite disappear...all the *halos* run into each other. What if you tried leaving a small area of clear space around each??

    Have fun in NY. Do you EVER stay home?? I guess it is just as well that I am not a teacher by nature. I really do not like leaving home. That said, I am looking forward to my week at QSDS and wish it was for the full 2 weeks (it's the company...I just love being with so many creative and talented people). And I am looking forward to my one teaching gig this year at the Fiber Arts weekend at Ferry Beach in August. Still, if I'm going to teach, I would rather do it here. I just prefer to sleep in my own bed....



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