Sunday, April 24, 2005

Back to Work--and Studio Shots

A days worth of dyeing, now dry and ready to wash and iron. Ah the glamorous life of a traveling quilt teacher. I will be bringing these fabrics with me to Somers NY at the end of the week.
These and more, which still needs to be dyed. I am always way behind, despite 'careful planning'.

Since we are talking about studios, this is an older shot of my renovated studio space. It is rarely this cleaned up, as you can well imagine. The gray wall is really a bulletin board material which is usually covered with black felt for photography. I have another pinup wall to the left which is usually covered with white felt, for shooting digital stuff.

This work table is a free standing kitchen cabinet from IKEA with a door on top to extend the surface. The door is wrapped with batting and then covered with Roc-lon Rain No Stain fabric, from Joann's. This is a drapery lining, with cotton on one side and a sprayed plastic on the other.

I have rearranged the room often since these photos were taken, and of course it is barely recognizable in the state it is currently in. I need to decorate it and make it more visually inspiring, not so sterile.

Yeah, right! like I have time to do that.

I found a really great new artist (to me at least) Check out Diedre Adams website. I want to have made everything she has on her site. arrrgghh! I love her work!!!


  1. Her quilts as canvas are great and so are the small works. We will have to fight over who is going to pretend to have done Deidre's work.

  2. Thank you for introducing us to Deidre Adams....wonderful work!!

    Fun seeing your studio all cleaned....looks like an alien landscape (well, clean is alien to me....)


  3. You have a dream studio...even if it is awfully white right now. Do take some shots when it's messy so we all feel better, 'kay?! And thanks so much for introducing Deidre Adam's's wonderful!

  4. Nice B I G studio, I envy you for that and love your work, so very nice! I love the black and white floor, so cool!



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