Sunday, January 02, 2005

That Fiendish Cat. A Plea for Help!

Mr. Annoying between outbursts

I have been a cat lover for my entire life and have had up to five cats at one time, counting a neighborhood stray who we introduced to our one female in hopes of mating her. As if he needed an invitation. She was a teenage mother and in a short time she had one kitten, Popeye, who was born under a hosta leaf and abandoned. I found him the next morning and personally licked his little face to arouse him and make him feel loved. Yuck. He was the size of a teeny little mouse and now weighs so much that he considers jumping onto the couch for several minutes before realizing that gravity is against him. But this blog isn't about the quiet acquiescent Popster. No. It is about the other monster in our midst, Jet the Pet.

I have blogged before (12/01/04, The Meow Solution) about his bad habit of mega-decibel yowling at the wee hours and thought I had found the cure, canned cat food, but that's not working anymore.

I am seriously contemplating catricide. And he's not that happy with me either. You can tell by the pissed off look on his face.

He's 17 years old and now deaf as a stone and we also think he has Kitty Alzheimers. He keeps repeating the same meow, even though he just said it minutes ago.

There must be something we can do to end his midnight ravings, but we are at our wits ends. Someone please help us, we need our sleep.


  1. I suggest this as a cat lover and cat owner. Have you tried getting a squirt bottle and squirting him in the face when he meows at you in the middle of the night? Not that *I* could aim well enough to hit a meowing cat in the middle of the night, but just squirting water in the general direction might dissuade him. Or is he even in the room when he's yowling at you?

  2. I have an almost 20 year old cat, short hair, all black, also named Jet. My daughter named him for his speed in running around when he was a kitten. He also yowls in the middle of the night! It's a very loud guttural cry. We alternate between thinking that he's hungry, sick, in pain...but he now does it after he eats, we have decided that he is saying, "thanks, that was good." Anyway, between the yowling, and the staring into our faces from 1/2" and brushing our cheeks with his wiskers all night, we are very sleep deprived! We can't lock him out, cause he'll just yowl! He is our special boy and we love him to bits, so I guess that we figure that we can catch up on sleep some sad and lonely day!

  3. luckily my 19 year old doesn't yowl all night, but he does do it on a regular basis. I've always attributed this to the whole lion thing -- I'm KING here and don't forget, or perhaps that he was telling me that he'd checked stuff out and everything was ok. As my Bill gets older he definitely gets louder and I think like your guy he's getting deaf. Bill likes to snuggle with me at night but he's developed the habit of patting me with his paw. Bill - NO patting. yeah right. Will Jet stop if you pick him up? That usually works with Bill.

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