Monday, January 03, 2005

What have I done!

Who bought this yarn?

Some of it was donated to me, and since I didn't have any other colors that would coordinate with it I had to add a few to fill in. Not thinking that I don't EVER wear colors like this, or shall I say the LACK of colors like this, I bought more anyway. Faced with this minor shopping error I was determined to fashion something lovely from the utter beigeness of it all. I assumed I would do a few rows of each and make a fancy scarf. I made several attempts to use all six of the above in one project and it was drek. Finally I reduced it down to two balls each of the white/gold Funny and some gold eyelash-y stuff which I got half price two years ago.

This scarf is the result and I am calling it Champagne, on account of buying the Funny on New Year's Day at the annual 25% off sale at Sunflower Samplings.
I figure I can wear it with a white sweater and those 'champagne' faux suede pants I made that were another shopping error.

They can't all be winners.

Jet looking pissed as usual.

I planned on getting more Araucania since it is variegated, mega yardage for low price and I knew what I needed to add colorwise, so I am pleased.

A sampling of the rest of the irresistable yarns that S.S. had waiting for my yarn jones. I got 10 Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in a tweedy garnet color, which is so unlike me but a bargain which I am not calling a shopping error. One must expand one's horizons. The Jo Sharp DK was reduced to $3.50 a ball so I got 9 cyclamen and two black. Also included in this spree were three or four Lamb's Pride and some sale fluffy stuff in blue multi and pink multi.

The weirdest thing happened as I was getting my second wind. A woman was complaining that it was too crowded and too difficult to decide on anything and she was ready to sell her $40 store credit and get out of there. I heard this and began digging to see how much cash I had stashed in my pants, and found $32 and some change. I asked her what she would take for her store credit, starting at $25, then $30 and she wanted $35. I counted everything I had and it came to $33.68, so she took it and gave me her credit slip which was for $44.60! Then she continued to complain that she didn’t want to have lost $10 but still held onto my cash.

I said Thanks! and Happy New Year! and she grumbled her way out the door.

Some people don’t know how to get any fun out of sport shopping.
My final total was $128.93 which I was forced to put on my Visa, all my cash being swapped with Complaint Woman.
I went for quality this time and have ended my binge and feel the requisite amount of guilt for this expenditure.

Let the New Year Begin!


  1. Whoo hoo! That silk road aran is yummy.

  2. But those colors look so good on the table! And they do look great in the scarf. You can always wear it with a black turtleneck and black pants - smashing! And I know you have those in your closet.

    The tans, rusts, browns do call to me too even though I never wear them. They are rich, just not our currency.


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