Sunday, January 30, 2005

New Work #5

26 X 34.5"
Click to enlarge

Details of quilting

I wish the blog pictures could be finer resolution. But whaddya want for free? I ask myself.
The last four quilts were a group that featured colored schemes, or a limited palette. Obviously now I am back to 'All Color All The Time'.

My approach was to look for fabrics that I would use if THIS were the last quilt I would ever get to make. I wouldn't want to leave any of the 'best' fabric for someone else to use after I was done. Is that nutty? Maybe, but it definitely made me use all my faves.

I like the compositions as much as I like the full quilt. Hmmmm. Should that make me get simpler and simpler? Nope, because these are only pictures on a screen. In real life the whole piece looks just right. IMHO.

The title, Sydney is because I am unable to make up any artier name and like the knitters, I have decided to start referring to these non-pictorial designs by personal names.
So World, meet Sydney.


  1. I am very happy to meet Sydney. Perhaps I'm in love...and I'm looking forward to meeting siblings.

  2. Somehow Sydney had me thinking of surfing. You know, waves, Sydney in Australia, brightly coloured beach wear...

  3. When I saw the name Sydney, I automatically thought Opera House - the curves are like the shape of the sails, especially if you look at it sideways. Love the colours too.

  4. Yes yes yes! It's faboo! And it does make me think "melody" more than the previous new works -- though those are equally spectacular... just different. And the quilting is amazing. I'm taking notes! Deborah

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