Sunday, January 30, 2005

In Deep Doodoo

There is a difference between real life and writing. Real Life isn't all that humorous. One has to 'put on' an attitude about the everyday, the mundane, in order to make it funny.
I took the reality of my life and pumped it up a bit and twisted it a bit to poke fun and now I am in the doghouse.
I warned him not to read the blog yesterday. That was my second mistake. If I hadn't said anything about the blog, I would not be in the deep doodoo I am in now.
I apologized and repeated that my intent was just to write humor and one uses one's own life as fodder and writers do that all the time..etc.etc.etc.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Honest. Really.

My husband is a lovely man. A perfect husband. One I have enjoyed having more than any other husband. A great guy. Very Sweet. Mr. Dependable and Sir Trustworthy. I want the whole world to know!
Honey, are you reading this??


  1. I don't think your husband came off looking bad yesterday. In fact, throughout your blog, I think he sounds like a great guy (like my own husband) and hope to meet him some day. Guys like him are great because they like girls like us, right?

  2. All I know is that my in-laws read my blog and that creates an automatic edit in my own mind. (Fortunately or not?) I'm assuming Dave's gotten over his snit... how can you go wrong with a man who wears a knitted helmet to shovel snow?!

  3. Anonymous6:15 AM

    That's a great story. Waiting for more. »


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