Monday, January 31, 2005

Warning! New template to appear SOON.

I have been looking around for blog layouts that I really like and ones that show the pictures LARGER. And also the TEXT needs to be larger for those of us with mature eyesight.
I love the blog of Danny Gregory because it is BIG. I am considering copying ( and personalizing) his html and plugging it into my template, but I am afraid.
I know I can copy my entire template and save it somewhere else and if my new template doesn't work I can always delete it and replace it with my regular page... but still I am scared.
I may opt for a nearly the same template ala Stitchy's.

This is all in lieu of making art sometime today.

Since I made Sydney, I feel a lot better. And satisfied. I have nothing against the previous work of this month, but it was slightly less me than Syd. Gotta have that fiesta color! Now I am out of those pieces and must dye new stuff. Perhaps that is what I'll do this afternoon.

This morning is coffee with Frieda and Laura at Laura's house. She just returned from taping her Simply Quilts stint and having a short California vacation. We will hear all about it, and of course I will report.

So if tomorrow my blog looks different don't be alarmed. It's still me. Only Bigger.


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