Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Putting It All Away

 We have been moving in shifts daily. No prepacking was done before the closing, but immediately afterwards bins were filled with stuff, the van, trailer and my PT filled with more stuff and then dropped off at the new house. It's my job to find a new place to put it all. Lots of this stuff was never used in the country and I really wonder if I will find uses for most of here? Some of it came from our mom's house in 2008...eek!
 Bavarian china, crystal, fancy schmancy stuff that we all treasured at one time. I called my sister and suggested she might want some of this (I hope!) but will she ever use it? Does anyone entertain in this sort of style anymore? When I think of having a party, even one where the food is special, I don't imagine dragging out these pieces as they seem over the top. Downton Abbey-ish. And the sentimental value is diminishing.
Never the less, I found room for it all, with some shelves still open.

There is another bin or two in the garage for those empty spots.
An interested party is coming to look at the house in Palmer tomorrow, so I have been in high cleaning mode, going back and forth between houses daily. The country refrigerator looks like it's brand new, no easy feat. I scrubbed every shelf and drawer and the stove looks better than it did when we moved in. I hate to think how much I had let it all go. Eek. I even washed windows. So not me.
Not everything has been moved, like my studio and the two closets full of my art supplies. If my new studio had been finished as planned I would have insisted on bringing it all here, but there really is no where to put it until the floor and trim has been completed. As of now, I expect it to get finished on Friday. Fingers crossed.
Dave has been staying in the country and keeping a presence there, so as not to leave it vacant. I miss him and wish he were here in the new house, since he is missing the 'fun' of deciding where to put things. ha!
I am certain there will be furniture rearranging in our future.
Altho I haven't been paying attention much to my dieting, I am still losing weight. It may be all the excitement, or not wanting to mess up the new kitchen to cook. I am 1.2 pounds away from having lost 30 lbs. (!) I gotta recommend as the reason.


  1. I hear ya about the collection of things never used... I have been slowly divesting myself of a lot to eliminate the clutter. Our kitchen remodel will be happening next week, and I want a nice, tidy kitchen when I refill the cupboards! Fingers crossed the prospect likes your house enough to make an offer!

  2. I also have some antique china from family members long gone. It's hard to part with even though it never gets used. Here's hoping your sewing space is ready for move-in quickly!

  3. Wow it's look very nice. Very beautiful. Thanks

  4. Or it might be the extra physical labor you are doing. Moving is HARD work!

  5. This is a nice kitchen! Moving is a lot of work, but when everything is ready, it so nice and clean.

  6. I've been using my inherited fancy glass & china in my sewing area -- holding bobbins, machine feet, thread, cut quilt parts. Think outside the box -- cake stands as .......

  7. I had at least 8large boxes of my grandmother's Desert Rose "china". She had every piece ever made because my mother and her 2 sisters gave it to her for every gift giving occasion. Although it's still being made and had a resurgence in popularity about 20 years ago, most of the pieces were gorgeous and unique. I had it in my garage in MN and here in Las Vegas for years. (I used it for a couple of years and added cool pieces like beer mugs, etc. but decided I liked bright colors better so packed I back up). Anyway, one of my friends here has huge parties all the time and she had some so I gave it all to her. People told me I could have sold it but it would have been piecemeal and I think my grandma would love that it's being used instead of stashed away.
    And, really, who's going to get rid of it, and how, when I'm unable to? Now, since that felt so good, on to other treasures that are languishing!

  8. My mother passed away in 2006 and I took a LOT of her china and glassware from her buffet. It's been in my china hutch ever since but I just cannot get rid of it or put it in storage. Then my husband's mother passed away in '06 just 2 weeks after my mother and we inherited a lot more glassware. My cupboards are full of drinking glasses!! What to do????

    Your kitchen is nice but very small so I don't know where you'll put everything :)

  9. Congrats on the weight loss. Love the kitchen!!!

  10. Melanie, I wanted to ask you about the weight loss program. Does it cost? Sorry to ask but how much? My mom keeps giving me good dishes from my grandma and also have my MIL's dishes, what to do with it all. We also don't have fancy parties either. Thanks for the help, love the blog. Sharon in Coold Cooolorado

  11. Good things all around Mel, I hope you get an offer on your house soon so you can be done with that chapter. Fun stuff ahead!

  12. I know just what you mean about inheriting so much stuff. I'm moving soon as well and have the same thoughts. I have been giving most of it away to friends or to charity, and find that taking photographs first makes it easier since I have something tangible to preserve the memory. Thanks for keeping up with your blogging during this busy time; it's exciting to follow your progress!

  13. Judy Morningstar9:27 PM

    Congratulations on your continuing weight loss! That is wonderful, since some people go the other way- eat because of stress- so good for you!
    Got my fingers crossed for the possible buyer tomorrow. Your country home is a lovely property!

  14. Hi i wish you and your family good luck in your new house. I live in Denmark - fare away from you - but i have some plates just like your bowl (that beside the red bowl) i have the plates from my grandma - she was born in 1901 - so i guess the china must be from the 1920's :-) Anette

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