Friday, February 07, 2014

Progress Report

Dave took a day off from moving furniture and bins, to help me find places for the stuff he previously brought to the new place. Our viewer had been delayed so a window for more cleaning opened and Dave returned to the old place to continue the task. The viewing will now be rescheduled for today. Again, fingers crossed.
After deliberating where to put the books, we compromised on the back wall, and today I will be filling these IKEA Billys full. In the pantry I decided to use this wire rack for baking supplies, which opened up lots more room on the shelves. The glassware on the top shelf will be moved to the top of the Billys, as we had them in the old place.
We made lots of invisible decisions, but necessary ones nevertheless. We will be bringing the white sofa upstairs to the bonus room which will be a shared space, half my studio and half movie watching room. Speaking of which, the rest of my Pergo flooring arrived last night and will be installed today, finishing my studio at last! Hurray. We discussed the perceived 'need' of a 60" Smart TV. O my. I like the idea that it has built in WiFi, but the size is overwhelming. Adding to my hesitation is the fact that mostly when we watch movies together Dave falls asleep within the first five minutes. He claims it is the fault of the lousy movies I choose. Harrumph! I think I lost that argument and we'll be TV shopping this weekend.
I am so excited to be getting my studio back soon, and can see myself arranging the new space so easily. In my old space (can you keep track, since I moved it so often?) I had an open wall, two doors and a staircase to impinge on my arrangement. In the new studio I will have just a window.
I plan to place my four Billy bookcases of fabric flanking that window. There are plenty of wall outlets and I am having the big lights from my old studio installed for blazing color corrected light.
I LOOOOOOOVE my new floor. Beige walls, not so much.


  1. Pretty exciting stuff, all those decisions! I really like the Pergo floor. Can't wait to see what you come up with for those walls,

  2. Best of luck with the showing today. I hope this is the right buyer!

  3. It sounds like you are making a lot of progress. I do like the color of the floor in you studio space!

  4. "Beige walls, not so much." *chuckle* I, too, am looking forward to color.

    So, is your middle name "Giterdun"? 'Cause you sure do!

  5. I think we are all waiting to see what colours the walls morph to! We had beige and putty here and now we have light lime green, a rather lurid yellow and sea blues.

  6. I like the floors. Easy to sweep up.


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