Quilt As You Go

I have collected most of the posts starting at the beginning which show the different ways I learned to make QAYG quilts. See the sidebar under Patterns and Tutorials, qayg for all the referring posts. I always try to refer to www.thequiltingedge.com which is where I learned so much about this process.
All of my QAYG are viewable on my page QAYG gallery of quilts.
Here's the shortest possible explanation:

Quilt As YOU Go

Narrow Connector strips are 1” wide for the front and 2” wide for the back, folded in half lengthwise. Sew front Connector strip and back Connector strip to one portion at the same time. Then sew the second portion to the front Connector strip. Press back Connector strip over the butting seam, pin and stitch, either from the front or back.

 Two versions of the narrow connector strip. On the left the narrow strip is on the back, and the doubled strip is on the front and topstitched to cover the butting seams. The version on the right has the narrow strip connecting the two top sections, while the folded strips covers the seams on the back, and is pinned from the front and top stitched, in the ditch or near it.

 ‘Flip and Sew’ Wide Connector Strips for Borders or Inserted Sashing

Cut the Wide Connector Strip to desired width. Cut the back Connector strip (the folded one)  twice the finished (sewn) width plus ½”. Cut the batting insertion strip to the measurement between the seams. Zigzag one edge of batting to the seam allowance of one side. Fold and press back Connector strip over butting seams, pin and stitch.