Sunday, February 02, 2014

Pug Attire


Since we have sidewalks at our new place, we must have fashionable harnesses for Walkies. These just happen to be the same design I saw on the Pug-girls last week. I wouldn't want my boys to feel underdressed. Chumley looks happy but that is just his panting face. He hates this harness, but he'll get used to it. I hope. We all must make concessions for safety. Neither dawg is used to being on a leash and I am also no expert, so we will learn together. The weather was a little drizzly and there were a few muddy spots that they had to smell, as well as loads of good dawggie smells in neighboring yards. This is the interesting thing: not once was a leg raised, as the nose was so busy discovering who had come before.


At the end of our walk around the block, I wanted them to run off the muddy paws in our yard. Nothing doing. They just stood still and waited for the door to be opened. Inside, I quickly put a cover on the white couch while they wrestled out the last of their energies.
Both are sound asleep at this very moment. Sounds like a great idea to me.


  1. This is an exciting new adventure for you all. :) I have small square storage container that has water in it by the door. I have my dog dip his feet in the water one by one. Then I wipe them off. It is really pretty quick. In the warmer months I have it outside. Perhaps some form of this would work for you, too.

  2. Very stylish attire and such handsome pugs!

  3. The harnesses look great and I doubt it will take long for you all to figure out the new routine!

  4. Great harnesses! When we were getting ours used to them we would give the command to "dress" and a treat once they got dressed. Now they'll assist with sticking their heads through and lifting one leg to allow us to pull it on. They still don't like it too much but the treat makes it more acceptable to them. Have fun! You'll get to meet all of your new neighbors very quickly with daily dog walks.

  5. Yep...they'll get used to them...and they can't slip out of these. My little one slipped out of her Gentle Leader...fortunately, we were at puppy class practicing our 'come' command! which she does SO well inside a fenced in yard...outside, still not so good! HA

  6. Carol1:08 PM

    As one of the walkers of our 3 doggies, all about your size, my 2 bits for you - don't use retractable leashes as they will tangle together far too quickly. In my experience, having an off-leash dog part is paws-down their favorite. Leash walks are a distant second. Good luck in your new home.

  7. The boys are looking quite dapper in their new harnesses. Glad to hear you are getting into a new routine in the new house.

  8. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I agree that the extend and retract leashes are dangerous for the dog and for yourself. Take some time to find those leashes that have 2 lengths of leash and clips on one handle. Then you have one hand free for poo bags or door handles and gates. Nina in BC

  9. What is the name of the harnesses? We have Chihuahuas and every harness I find is too high up on their throats and looks like they are choking (they aren't though) or they are too skimpy and look like they could wriggle out.
    It took just a short time to get them used to the harness. The first couple of weeks I would leave them in the harness a bit longer after each outside visit. It wasn't very long until they didn't really care if they were on or off anymore. I didn't do the treat thing, just played with them and distracted them. of mine is about a pound smaller than the other (4lbs and 5lbs) and he uses the harness as the equalizer. He grabs her by the harness and can wrestle her to the ground to play, otherwise he is too small. :)

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