Thursday, July 21, 2011

But Wait! There's More. . .

those are spots of sunlight on the quilt, from the blinds...
I put the new quilt on the twin guest bed to see if it needed more before I put on the binding. The cool thing about this process is that one can add to an existing quilt with Marianne's  flip and sew-adding batting technique.

Judging from the view here, I think I need to add about 8 more inches, and then call it quits. Easy peasy.
I was only kidding that this will be the dawg's quilt. I am going to keep it nice, free from drooling, digging and all that hair. The more I look at it, the more I likey.

But what's on my mind now? A stripey quilt!

Here's my accumulated-recently-added-to stash of stripes. I thought I had a lot more. Hmm. Yesterday at Hobby Lobby I bought up 6 more long quarters and tried to see if I had coordinating colors to make something with them. Of course I do. Yay!
I also have a lot of matured Kaffe Fassett stripes and a couple of his woven plaids. However, they are pretty muted for my usual screaming mimi color schemes, despite how nice they look here. I am considering selling them off on the blog. ( Email me if they interest you and I will count them up and figure out a good price ). Sold. My goal is to sew everything up I own, before I go blind, arthritic and demented. So I must hurry!
Speaking of color schemes, I have noticed that I have a few favorite ones that I keep repeating:
pink and green
grape, orange and lime
So I am branching out here. ha! There is something nearly dark brown in this collection. Yipes! And the addition of the turquoises in this pink and green group is a teeny step forward methinks.

Here's a good shot of the Fassett stripes.

And more to come...woowoo!
I do have a much smaller stash than most quilters, so now that I know how to use it up faster and better, I have hopes of a huge pile of finished work to leave to my heirs. Maybe I'll leave the binding to them too! Mwahahaha!

OK I get the message!

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  1. I love how this quilt looks on the bed. I especially like the asymmetrical look.

    Your stripes are really yummy. Stripes always remind me of Michael James and his mastery of stripes.

    Once again I am amazed at how prolific your productions are and the speed of your productions. You produce in a matter of days what some would need weeks or months to produce. Myself it would be years.

    Thanks for all the lovely garden pictures. For those of us with black thumbs it is a vicarious thrill.

  2. Those two are too funny!

  3. Melody, I don't often say anything but I do enjoy following your blog.....It's always interesting and lots of good information......I love this quilt you are finishing....

    I wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to take up art quilting again. I haven't done any in about 13 years as I have been off on other tangents......I don't have the patience to do a quilt but I do love working on wall hangings.......I have just finished my first one in your method you have been working on and I am so excited I went out and bought fabric to do two more......I love this flip and sew method as when you get through you are through and the smaller squares are so much easier to quilt........

    I would send you a picture but it's not perfect and you are a professional and I am concerned you would just see all the mistakes.....I can tell this second one is going to be better though......

    Thanks for sharing because you will never know how many people you are inspiring and encouraging by all the information you put in your posts.......

    I love seeing the pictures of Chummy and Dexter..they are so cute and obviously love each love a lot......

    I hope you have a great day.....

  4. You can never have to many stripes.......I'm loving the quilt.

  5. You should do a calendar with your dog pictures and one with your quilt pictures. I would buy both!

  6. It has been a short while since I last took a look at your blog. When I did I was very surprised to see two Chumleys! I thought you had cloned him, so had to read back to see what had happened. How lovely these two are and it must be great company for them both. Enjoyed catching up on your quilts too. Hopefully will be less busy for a while and able to keep more up to date, in case more Chumleys appear! Wouldn't want to miss out on your colour inspiration either.

  7. They are just too cute! and the quilts are wonderful!

  8. I'm a big stripes fan too. And Kaffe Fassett stripes are fabulous.

    Cool quilt. So happy!



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