Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I worked til past dinner (!) to put the last borders on, and I could tell I was getting tired because I put the last one on backwards, muslin side front! I undid it and resewed, of course, but arrggh.
Then putting it on the wall I got to see the whole thing all at once for the first time.
OK I am over that now. It is a scrap quilt after all, and now that I have done it I am ready to get serious about designing one for real.

Log Cabin Scrap Quilt,
hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine pieced and machine quilted as you go, 61x82"

 And for you who wished I wasn't so lazy, I also went back and unquilted my really slanting patchwork and straightened it out.
When you try to hurry you end up wasting time fixing your mistakes.

Do you think the broom and dustpan informed my color choices?
 On another note, here's the predawn goldfish, enjoying the water's surface.

 And now....Your Daily Dawgs. Shhh, don't wake up the Chumster.


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I think it is a very pretty quilt. For shame that it's going to your dawgs but then they are your 'children' so they are entitled to nice things

  2. fantastic- as all your quilts are!
    and by the way: I love your dogs.
    kindest regards from Germany

  3. Your daily dawgs photos always put a smile on my face - what a great way to start the day.

  4. Turned out grand. I think I like the center the most.

    I show your Dawg photos to my niece who covets a pug. She is in love!

  5. Arf, arf. Can I be your dawg and have that quilt?

  6. I truly love how the broom and dustpan informed your color choices. It is amazing how our art can come from the simplest of things.:)I suspect those happy colors come from happy you.

    Love the piece.

  7. Love it! I also loved watching it grow in each blog post!

  8. I have made 2 QAYG quilts in the past but learning this method has tempted me to try again. I have 20 18" squares of different colors of fabric spray basted to batting. I will strip piece each strip onto the squares but AFTER I first do a bit of piecing on some of the strips. Later I'll use connector strips as learned here. Thanks! I love the fact I don't have to buy batting or backing fabric to make a twin size quilt.

  9. Love it. It makes me happy to see it. And I'm looking forward to trying the QAYG method with connector strips! All the best - Chris

  10. I find it beautiful. your dogs are very lucky!

  11. I love it - I need to get out of my "traditional" mode and try something like this. It is wonderful!

  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed following the progress of this colorful quilt. The dawgs always put a smile on my face.

  13. I was right...the dawgs are very cute, but your quilt is so beautiful, they will be too inhibited to mess it up (hmmm....!)

  14. Great piece. OK - so what's your secret to requiling the waves out of your piece???

  15. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I have to say, this is a great example of how our surroundings might influence our designs (e.g. the broom and dust pan!) :). It's great...My Best, joni

  16. Did you get another Pug? I missed something! They need a companion, so I am glad you have two now!
    Savannah GA.

  17. sir chumley is so the top dog he seems to be postioned so in all photos you post. we love the daily dawg just don't tell my cat!


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